Pharmaceutical Science Minor

Pharmaceutical Science Minor

To earn a minor in Pharmaceutical Science, a student must complete a minimum of 19 credit hours of coursework, including 13 credits of required courses and a minimum of 6 credits in electives. 

The Pharmaceutical Science Minor is for students who desire to pursue careers in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The minor permits students from science or non-science disciplines to learn about pharmaceutical sciences.

  • Drug Discovery, Design, and Development (3 CH)
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis (3 CH)
  • General Pharmacology I (3 CH)
  • Biopharmaceutics I (3 CH)
  • Biopharmaceutics Lab I (1 CH)
  • Quantitative Lab Techniques (2 CH)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (1 CH)
  • Medical Immunology (2 CH)
  • Applied Biochemistry (3 CH)
  • General Pharmacology II (3 CH)
  • Biopharmaceutics II (3 CH)
  • Biopharmaceutics Lab II (1 CH)
  • Biostatistics and Research Methods

To Elect for this minor, please access the Change of Major/Minor form and follow the instructions.