The Grants Management Office’s mission is to assist faculty and staff members to ensure appropriate expenditures post-award. Once the award is received from Sponsored Programs the Office of Grants Management reviews the budget and provides award documentation to the Grants and Contracts unit of the Business Office. The Grants Management Office is responsible for monitoring all expenditures from grants and contracts and ensuring the appropriate expenditure of public and private funds received for research and sponsored programs. 

Both Sponsored Programs and Grants Management work closely with the Business Office in the administration of grants and contracts, and all externally funded research projects.  The Office of Grants Management monitors each award to ensure expense allowability and funding availability. To accomplish this, all payment vehicles (requisitions, contracts, vouchers, etc.) on externally funded projects are routed through the Grants Management Coordinator for approval.  

 o   Primary Purpose:  Monitors allowableness of grant expenditures and rate of spending 

o   Establishes Banner accounts, in coordination with the Business Office 

o   Ensures that expenditures adhere to university and funder guidelines 

o   Monitors the PI’s rate of spending 

o   Oversees submission of effort certifications 

o   Adhere to all university policies and procedures; local, state, and federal laws and regulations