Application for Admission to Candidacy for Degree Completion (Application for Graduation)

One Application for Candidacy and Graduation (Formerly 2 separate forms: Application for Candidacy and Application for Graduation)

Complete this form to become a candidate for the Master’s or Doctoral degree and apply for graduation. PLEASE LIST ALL PRIOR DEGREES, INSTITUTIONS ATTENDED, and GRADUATION YEARS in the “previous degrees” area. ¬†For example, B.A., North Carolina A&T, 2000 and M.Ed., Central Michigan University, 2002. ¬†This form must be submitted at least 6 months (but no more than 1 year) prior to the student’s expected graduation date according to the following deadlines:

  • May Graduation- November 1
  • August. Graduation- March 1
  • December Graduation- June 1

Click on the appropriate academic major and concentration to download the application.

        * Page 2 for all candidacy applications & graduation update applications (required for both)