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Application for Admission to Candidacy for Degree Completion (Application for Graduation) To become a candidate for the Master's or Doctoral degree and apply for graduation. Must be submitted at least 6 months (but no more than 1 year) prior to the student's expected graduation date according to the deadline. This form documents the degree plan.(Formerly 2 separate forms: Application for Candidacy and Application for Graduation).  
Graduation Update To update a graduation date when requirements for degree completion are not completed during the semester approved for graduation. The student must submit the update no later than one week after end of the previously approved graduation date.
Course Registration Form To obtain registration authorization for a course.  This form only needs to be signed by the student and the Faculty Advisor.
Request for Program Adjustments To obtain final authorization to take courses outside of the degree program. Courses to be waived or substituted require this form. Must be completed by the academic advisor; however it is the student's responsibility to obtain this form and the appropriate signatures.
Comprehensive Examination Application To obtain final permission to take the Comprehensive Examination. Must be submitted during the final semester in which the exam will be taken according to the deadline. Only students who have formally applied and registered for the exam will be permitted to take it.
Request for the Appointment of the Thesis/Dissertation Advisory Committee To obtain final approval of the advisory committee. Should be submitted upon creation or modification of the committee. Must be approved prior to admission to candidacy.  All committee members must have a curriculum vita (resume) on file with the Graduate College.
Request to Conduct the Oral Thesis/Dissertation Defense "To obtain final authorization to conduct the thesis/dissertation oral defense. Should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the defense. Students must successfully complete the oral defense by the established deadline and before submitting the thesis/dissertation."
Application to Take Courses for transfer Credit To obtain final consent to take courses elsewhere that will be used as transfer credit at Hampton University. Must be submitted prior to taking transfer credit courses.
Application for Acceptance of transfer Credit To obtain acceptance of course credit taken elsewhere. Must be submitted with an official transcript after a grade of B or higher has been received.
Petition for Change of Degree Plan To change your degree program from/to Thesis (Plan A) or Comprehensive Examination (Plan B).
Petition for Change of Major To change your academic major or concentration.
Petition for Extension of Time for Degree Completion  Students seeking an extension of time for degree completion. 

2022-2024 Academic Catalog

Graduate College Handbook

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Transmittal Form for Thesis and Dissertations To obtain thesis or dissertation approval from the committee members, departmental chair, and academic dean.

Basic Thesis & Dissertation Compliance Review Checklist