Special (Non-Degree) Student

HU students 

An applicant who plans to take courses for personal enrichment, professional development, or certification will be classified as a special (non-degree) student if admission is granted.  The special (non-degree) student must hold a bachelor’s degree with no less than a 2.50 cumulative grade point average from an accredited institution.


Applicants for special (non-degree) student status are required to provide the Graduate College with an official transcript from an accredited institution and obtain approval of the department, and/or the Graduate College to enroll in University courses as a special (non-degree) student.  In addition, applicants must complete an online application and a $50 non-refundable application fee

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Additional Rules Governing the Admission includes the following:

  • Students seeking a change of status from special (non-degree) student to a degree program must submit a new completed application packet (and fee) for admission to the desired degree program through the Graduate College.  This should be done before the completion of nine (9) credit hours.
  • A maximum of nine (9) semester hours of credit with a grade of “B” or better, earned while a special (non-degree) student may be applied toward fulfillment of the requirements for a regular degree program at the discretion of the academic department.
  • Failure to enroll for any semester after the initial enrollment term constitutes a withdrawal from the program and necessitates application for readmission to the Graduate College.  All special (non-degree) students applying for re-entry to the Graduate College must submit the following; a completed online application form, $50 non-refundable fee, and official transcript(s) from each college/university attended, if not already on file.
  • According to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, special (non-degree) students are not eligible to receive federal funding.  The Graduate College advises you to consult immediately with the financial aid office to discuss funding options, if so desired.