Tuition & Fees

Graduate students will pay the following fees during the academic year:

Application Fee:

Graduate Registration Fee:

$10.00 per semester
Graduate Tuition:
$665.00 per semester hour for up to nine (9) hours
$13,099.00 per semester for 10 to 17 semester hours
$440.00 per semester hour for each hour beyond 17 semester hours
Graduate Comprehensive Fee:
$25.00 per semester
Methods of payment:
Cash, money order, or certified check. American Express, Discover Card, Master Card, and Visa is accepted for actively enrolled students.
No personal checks will be accepted.

The University reserves the right to alter charges for tuition and living expenses if costs of materials and services make it necessary. The Business Office publishes annually a “Statement of Fees.” That document should be reviewed by the student for any changes in the fee structure.+