The office provides treatment for acute illnesses such as strep throat, mononucleosis, urinary tract infections, provides blood pressure readings, referral assistance, laboratory test (some tests are done on site; some are sent to an outside lab) and the management of Workmen’s Compensation injuries for authorized employees.

Services Covered:

  • Routine Medical Care
  • Follow-up Visits
  • Patient Health Education

Services Not Covered:

  • Physical Examinations
  • Immunizations
  • Off-Campus Referrals
  • Prescriptions
  • Transportation
  • Injectables
  • Laboratory Services

Services that are not covered may or may not be paid by student and/or private insurance. Some services such as immunizations that are not covered will be billed to the students account. Every student is encouraged to maintain health insurance, be familiar with its coverage and/or maintain financial provisions for non-insurance covered illness, accidents or medical expenses.

The University offers a student injury and sickness insurance plan. This program can be waived; if the student has adequate student health insurance coverage. The parent/student must go online to to determine if their student insurance plan meets the federally mandated requirements to waive their decision to participate in our insurance program. The notification must be received by September 6th of this academic year.


There is no fee for office visits provided at the Health Center; however; the student is financially responsible for all laboratory tests, prescriptions, and health care services received outside the campus (major medical expenses for emergency room visits, hospitalization, diagnostic testing and referral to specialists).