SHSJC graduate Gabrielle Chenault writes op-ed for the Los Angeles Times

Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications 2021 journalism graduate Gabrielle Chenault wrote an op-ed that was published in the Los Angeles Times.

The opinion piece was entitled “After starving Black college of funding for decades, government should pay up.”

Chenault, in graduate school for specialized journalism at the University of Southern California, worked this summer as an HBCU Fellow in the audience engagement department of the newspaper, helping to create social plans for specific articles. Once a week, she was in charge of the L.A. Times’ Twitter and Facebook pages. She also helped to create a subscriber initiative that helps readers give the news organization feedback and pitch stories they want to read.

Chenault was thankful to Dean B. DàVida Plummer and SHSJC for helping her to grow and encouraging her to “dream big.”

“If it was not for the amazing professors such as [Scripps] Professor [Lynn] Waltz, I truly wouldn’t have achieved this opportunity,” Chenault said.

You can read her op-ed story here.