Traffic Administration

The Traffic Administration Office is located in Police Headquarters in the rear of Whipple Barn. Services provided by this office are vehicle registration, the issuing of Hampton University identification cards, appeals for traffic violations and the issuing of various temporary parking permits. Office hours are 7:30am to 4:30pm., Monday through Friday.
Copies of parking rules and regulations may be obtained at the Traffic Administration Office in Police Headquarters located in the rear of Whipple Barn.
To contact the Traffic Administration Office: (757) – 727 – 5258
Read the parking rules and regulations. This information will greatly assist you in avoiding parking tickets.
Traffic violations will no longer be placed automatically on your student account. All student traffic violations must be paid at the cashier’s window in Whipple Barn. A receipt must be brought to Traffic Administration along with your copy of the traffic citation.
Three (3) UNPAID University traffic citations will result in the revocation of your vehicle decal and parking privileges on campus for the remainder of the academic year.
Contact HUPD
Emergency: (757) – 727 – 5666
Traffic Administration Office: (757) – 727 – 5258
University Police Department: (757) – 727 – 5300/5259
University Police may be contacted 24hrs a day.
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