International Office - Staff Directory

Ms. Leah Turner – Administrative Assistant

 Main Office 

Who We Are 

The Hampton University International Office (HUIO) is responsible for the overall planning, organization and management of all activities and policies related to international travel, global education, and immigration. 


The mission of the Hampton University International Office is to promote American diplomacy through global citizenry and further social and cultural collaboration among domestic and international students and scholars. 


By way of its mission, the International Office positions Hampton University on the global stage, providing ‚Äúthe #1 student experience in America‚ÄĚ, being recognized world-wide as a top university for innovation, collaboration, and internationalization.¬†¬†

Primary Focus 

A primary focus is to elevate and strengthen HU’s global presence across academic and economic spaces through the development of strategic agreements. 

The Team 

The Director of HUIO ‚Äď Ebony Majeed¬†

    Mrs. Majeed maintains leadership, management, programming and direct supervisory responsibility for the International Office by ensuring adherence to the policies set forth for international education by its national and federal governing bodies.  She supports the campus community’s process of internationalization, as outlined by the HU Strategic Plan 2023-2033, with the support and guidance of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.  To enhance HU’s global visibility with respected stakeholders, she collaborates with partners and universities around the world to strategically create agreements for domestic and international students.  Similarly, she focuses on fundraising, faculty development, and building relations externally for the institution. 

    To strengthen the risk management and safety protocol for international programming, she serves as a primary point of contact for the development of global risk management and safety plan, in coordination with Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC).  Mrs. Majeed serves as the federal compliance officer for all regulations governing the operation of international students (Primary Designated School Official-PDSO for F visas) and scholars services (Responsible Officer-RO for J visas) related to the Student and Exchange Visitor System (SEVIS), the Department of State, USCIS, ICE, Department of Homeland Security.   

    In collaboration with the Director of the HU Honors College, she serves as the primary point of contact for study abroad student scholarship for funding programs from the U.S. Department of State, such as the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship, the David L. Boren Scholarship/Fellowship, the Critical Language Scholarship, and the Freeman Asia Scholarship. 

The Assistant Director of HUIO ‚Äď Samaria Haysbert¬†

    Ms. Haysbert assists the Director in the implementation of the institutional and unit-wide strategic plans.  She assists the International Office in strategizing and prioritizing long-term goals with short-term objectives and translating them into reportable deliverables.  As a strategy to increases study abroad participation rates for the University, she supports and onboards study abroad applicants throughout the study abroad experience until their return to the institution, then to perform administrative record keeping and processing. 

¬† ¬† To execute the development of strong partnerships and agreements, Ms. Haysbert conducts site visits in developing regions of study, where programs’ culture cohesion, safety and scholastic experience needs verification or adjudication.¬†¬†She also¬†assists¬†in developing or¬†identifying¬†measures that market, streamline and finance International Office activities.¬†¬†To enhance the streamlining of processes, she collaborates with faculty and administrators to market, streamline, and finance international office activities.¬†¬†Finally, Ms. Haysbert¬†assists¬†in critical immigration needs as a secondary federal compliance officer for all regulations governing the operation of international students (Designated School Official-DSO for F visas) and scholars services (Alternate Responsible Officer-ARO for J visas) related to the Student and Exchange Visitor System (SEVIS), the Department of State, USCIS, ICE, Department of Homeland Security¬†


The Administrative Assistant ‚Äď Leah Turner¬†

¬† ¬† Ms. Turner supports the International Office and campus community by¬†providing¬†outstanding customer service while illustrating the principles of diversity,¬†equity¬†and inclusivity.¬†¬†She also¬†assists¬†the office, students and visitors with inquiries and¬†timely¬†feedback.¬†¬†When students and the campus community visit or contact the office, she explains the required documentation and procedures for study and intern abroad programming options.¬†¬†This encourages the development of a campus culture of internationalization.¬†¬†Ms. Turner shares points of contact and procedures for international students seeking admission to the university.¬†¬†She also processes documentation¬†regarding¬†the unit’s budgets in the campus financial system (Banner) for travel, office supplies, daily¬†tasks¬†and routines.¬†¬†Finally, she serves as the International Office’s primary point of contact for external inquiries relating to the creation of international agreements and outreach to/from foreign institutions and partners¬†