Senior Vice President for Business Operations and Finance

The Office of theĀ Senior Vice President forĀ Business Operations and Finance isĀ Ā charged with the business administration of the University, as well as the general charge of the campus and physical property, thus, providing leadership in the adequacy of physical facilities and the formulation of plans for future expansion. The Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer also continues to provide leadership in planning, organizing, directing, and controlling financial and business activities of the University. This office not only serves as liaison between the University and the community in all financial and business matters, but provides leadership in the administration of an effective security program for protecting students, faculty, staff, visitors and property.


Auxiliary Services
Mrs. Kimberly Austin
Business Affairs & Comptroller
Mrs. Denise Nichols
Conferences & Events
Convocation Center
Mrs. Jewel Baker
Human Resources
Ms. Rikki R. Thomas
Chief David Glover
Office Services
Mrs. Glorieso Richardson
Physical Plant
Mr. Randall Hardy
Ms. Debra Harden

Administrative Staff

  • Mrs. Marina Evans, Administrative Assistant
  • Ms. Patrice Piggott, Administrative Assistant

Contact Information:Ā 
CharlesĀ CanslerĀ