Crime Prevention

Preventing crime is a joint effort between the Hampton University community and the University Police. Pro-Active measures have been put in place to help us to achieve this goal. The University Police conducts safety seminars during the year to help you become more security conscious.
Reporting suspicious activity and vandalism, and protecting yourself and your personal property are just a few ways to a safer campus.

Call Boxes

The University has installed emergency call boxes which ring directly into the Police Headquarters. The call boxes are located strategically throughout the University campus with an emphasis on designated pathways. To activate a call box, press the button on the front of the box and speak directly into the box to the dispatcher. The dispatcher will immediately send an officer to your location.

Call Box Locations


Lot 41
24 Hour Study Room
Lot 8 Harvey Library
Emancipation Drive Across From Lot 2
Olin Bldg On Marshall Ave
Armstrong Walkway
Bemis Lawn / James Hall
Booker T. Washington Statue at Rear of Harvey Library
Ferry Rd Near Holmes Hall
Foot Path at Rear of Student Health Center
Foot Path Near Tennis Court and Stadium
Hampton Harbor Apts Near Bldg
Lot 1 Campus Safety Office
Lot 5 Marshall Ave
Lot 7 MLK Hall
Lot 9 Holmes Hall
Lot 10 Front
Lot 10 Rear
Lot 11 Convocation Center
Lot 11 Tennis Court
Lot 16 Near Kennedy Hall
Lot 21 William R. Harvey Way
Lot 25 Rear of Dubois Hall
Lot 29 Rear of Scripps Howard
Lot 32 Marine Science Building
Marshall Ave / Armstrong Stadium
Marshall Ave / Holland Hall
Marshall Ave / Turner Hall
Marshall Hall / College Pl
Shore Rd at Rear of Stadium
Shore Rd Waterfront

Familiarize yourself with these locations by obtaining a map from University Police or viewing the Campus Map online.

Prevention Tips for Protecting Yourself & Your Property:

  • Always lock the door to your room! Even if you are just visiting someone down the hall or going to the shower.
  • Engrave your personal items such as cameras, video games and equipment, computers, etc, with your social security number or personal ID number. Engravers are available at the University Police office.
  • Never leave your books, purse, or book bag unattended. Especially in places such as the library, cafeteria, or classrooms.
  • Never lend your keys to anyone or leave them lying around.
  • Do not prop open exterior doors.
  • Keep credit, debit, bank cards, and checks in a secure place. If these items are stolen, call and cancel card(s) immediately and then file a report with the University Police.
  • Avoid walking alone unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. It is always best to let someone know where you are going and when you are expected back.
  • Avoid walking in dark, isolated areas.
  • Walk with confidence! Whenever possible, know where you are going.
  • Have your door or car keys ready; do not have them buried in your purse or pocket.
  • Always lock your car doors.
  • Always check your car before entering. That includes from and back seats.
  • Never hitchhike & never pick up hitchhikers.
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