Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Graduate Spring 2023

Term DatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/DropWithdrawal Period
Spring III (8 Weeks)Jan 9 – Mar 4, 2023Oct 31, 2022– Jan 14, 2023Jan 9 – Jan 13, 2023Jan 6 – Jan 10, 2023Jan 16 – Feb 25, 2023
Spring IV (8 Weeks)Mar 13 – May 6, 2023Oct 31, 2022– Mar 17, 2023Mar 13 – Mar 16, 2023Jan 6 – Jan 10, 2023Mar 20 – April 29, 2023
Spring Semester (16 weeks)Jan 9 – April 29, 2023Oct 13, 2023– Jan 13, 2023Jan 9 – Jan 13, 2023Jan 9 – Jan 13, 2023Jan 15 – April 20, 2023
17315NURO711Family Nursing:Phil, ConceptDr. Maria Amendola
17315NURO711Family Nursing:Phil, ConceptDr. Arlene Montgomery
17316NURO716Qualitative Methods IDr. Arlene Montgomery
17316NURO716Qualitative Methods IDr. Maria Amendola
17317NURO800Ph.D. Comprehensive ExamDr. Arlene Montgomery
17317NURO800Ph.D. Comprehensive ExamDr. Latonya Hughes
17318NURO729Teaching Stratg for Nur EdctrsDr. Arlene Montgomery
17318NURO729Teaching Stratg for Nur EdctrsDr. Latonya Hughes
17322RELV627The Phenomenon of ReligionDr. Debra Haggins
17323RELV631Systematic Theology IDr. Debra Haggins
17351BLAO724Special Topics in TaxationDr. Jimmie Flores
17352BLAO732Behavior FinanceDr. Ann-Marie Hyatt
17353BLAO751Emerging Issues in MarketingDr. Ann-Marie Hyatt
17353BLAO751Emerging Issues in MarketingDr. Stevie Watson
17354BLAO800RDissertation IDr. Ann-Marie Hyatt
17354BLAO800R**Dissertation I** ( Comps)Dr. Glenda Evans
17355BLAO-01805RDissertation IIDr. Jurista Ford
17356BLAO-02805RDissertation IIDr. S. Maheshwari
17357BLAO-03805RDissertation IIDr. O. Jones
17358BLAO-04805RDissertation IIDr. Mary Mundy
17359BLAO-01810RDissertation IIIDr. Jurista Ford
17360BLAO-02810RDissertation IIIDr. Mary Mundy
17361BLAO-03810RDissertation IIIDr. S. Maheshwari
17362BLAO-01815RDissertation IV ( Defense)Dr. Glenda Evans/ Dr. Jurista Ford
17363BLAO-02815RDissertation IV ( Defense)Dr. Glenda Evans/ Dr. S. Maheshwari
17364BLAO-03815RDissertation IV ( Defense)Dr. Glenda Evans/ Dr. Mundy
17378STAO600StatisticsDr. Ronald White
17379STAO600-02StatisticsDr. Adrienne Britton
17381EDUO725-01Supervision and Professional DevelopmentDr. Stephanie Johnson
17382EDUO725Supervision and Professional DevelopmentDr. Wendy Cotton
17383EDUO725-03Supervision and Professional DevelopmentDr. Ivy Lee
17384EDUO722College Student DevelopmentDr. Martha Jallim-Hall

17385EDUO722-02College Student Development-cohort 13Dr. Paula Gentius
17386EDUO722-03College Student DevelopmentDr. Kim Luckes
17387EDUO720Assessment Evaluation & AccountabilityDr. Ronald White
17388EDUO720-02Assessment Evaluation & AccountabilityDr. Adrienne Britton
17389EDUO720-03Assessment Evaluation & AccountabilityDr. Donna Kindred
17390EDUO720Assessment Evaluation & AccountabilityDr. Syreeta Cason
17391EDUO719Diversity & Equity in EducDr. Martha Jallim-Hall

17392EDUO719-02Diversity & Equity in EducDr. Paula Gentius
17393EDUO719Diversity & Equity in EducDr. Laura Suggs
17394EDUO719-04Diversity & Equity in EducDr. Ivy Lee
17395EDUO740Dissertation ResearchDr. Denise Charbonnet

17396EDUO740Dissertation ResearchDr. Martha Jallim-Hall

17397EDUO740Dissertation ResearchDr. Stephanie Johnson
17398EDUO740Dissertation ResearchDr. Adrienne Britton/ Dr. Donna Kindred
17423EDUO740Dissertation ResearchDr. Syreeta Cason
17424EDUO740Dissertation ResearchDr. Wendy Cotton
17425EDUO713School District FinanceDr. Stephanie Johnson
17426EDUO712Higher Education FinanceDr. Kim Luckes
17427EDUO739Dissertation Research SeminarDr. Syreeta Cason
17428EDUO739Dissertation Research SeminarDr. Wendy Cotton
17434NURO721Vulnerable PopulationsDr. Arlene Montgomery
17434NURO721Vulnerable PopulationsDr. Chrystal Brown
17441ENGO503English Comp Grad StudentsDr. Ingrid Wright
17446EDUO740Dissertation ResearchDr. Ivy Lee
17319NURO712Family Nursing:Theory/ConceptDr. Maria Amendola/ Dr. Arlene Montgomery
17320NURO714Quantitative Methods ITBA
17321NURO801Dissertation Research IDr. Maria Amendola/ Dr. Arlene Montgomery
17324RELV628World Religions in ChristianDr. Debra Haggins
17325RELV632Systematic Theology IIDr. Debra Haggins
17348CYSO583Secure Software EngineeringDr. Chutima Boonthum-Denecke
17349CYSO683Adv. Computer & Network SecurityDr. Janett Walters-Williams
17350CYSO685Risk ManagementDr. Robert Willis
17365BLAO725Seminar in Accounting ResearchDr. Jimmie Flores
17366BLAO752Product Planning SeminarDr. DeShea Simon
17367BLAO800R**Dissertation I** ( Comps)Dr. Glenda Evans
17368BLAO-01805RDissertation IIDr. Jurista Ford
17369BLAO-02805RDissertation IIDr. S. Maheshwari
17370BLAO-03805RDissertation IIDr. O. Jones
17371BLAO-04805RDissertation IIDr. Mary Mundy
17372BLAO- 01810RDissertation IIIDr. Jurista Ford
17373BLAO-02810RDissertation IIIDr. Mary Mundy
17374BLAO- 03810RDissertation IIIDr. S. Maheshwari
17375BLAO-01815RDissertation IV ( Defense)Dr. Glenda Evans/ Dr. Jurista Ford
17376BLAO-02815RDissertation IV ( Defense)Dr. Glenda Evans/ Dr. S. Maheshwari
17377BLAO-03815RDissertation IV ( Defense)Dr. Glenda Evans/ Dr. Mary Mundy
17399EDUO732-01Quantitative ResearchDr. Ronald White
17400EDUO732-02Quantitative ResearchDr. Adrienne Britton
17401EDUO732-03Quantitative ResearchTBA
17402EDUO731-01Quantitative ResearchDr. Zina McGee
17403EDUO731-02Quantitative ResearchDr. Denise Charbonnet
17404EDUO731-03Quantitative ResearchDr. Donna Kindred
17405STAO600-AStatisticsDr. Ronald White
17406STAO600-BStatisticsDr. Adrienne Britton
17409EDUO725-ASupervision and Professional DevelopmentDr. Stephanie Johnson
17410EDUO725-BSupervision and Professional DevelopmentDr. Ivy Lee
17411EDUO725-CSupervision and Professional DevelopmentDr. Wendy Cotton
17412EDUO722-ACollege Student Development Dr. Paula Gentius
17413EDUO722-BCollege Student DevelopmentDr. Donna Kindred
17414EDUO722-CCollege Student DevelopmentDr. Martha Jallim-Hall
17415EDUO740-01Dissertation ResearchDr. Denise Charbonnet
17416EDUO740-02Dissertation ResearchDr. Martha Jallim Hall
17417EDUO740-03Dissertation ResearchDr. Stephanie Johnson
17418EDUO740-04Dissertation ResearchDr. Donna Kindred
17429EDUO740Dissertation ResearchDr. Syreeta Cason
17430EDUO740Dissertation ResearchDr. Wendy Cotton
17447EDUO740Dissertation ResearchDr. Ivy Lee
17327COUO606Treating the Substance AbuserDr. Debbie Hood
17328COUO612Career DevelopmentDr. Nickolas Spears
17329COUO619Group Process in CounselingDr. Nickolas Spears
17330COUO802Comprehensive ExaminationDr. Richard Mason
17331COUO805Human SexualityDr. Lonnelle Heckstall

17332COUO805Human SexualityDr. Lonnelle Heckstall

17334COUO814Quantitative Methods IDr. Debbie Hood
17335COUO824Theories & Pract Counsel SuperDr. Tiffany Crayton
17336COUO828Counseling PracticumDr. Marquis Norton
17337COUO829Counseling Edu & Sup Intern IDr. Marquis Norton
17338COUO830Counseling Edu & Sup Intern IIDr. Marquis Norton
17339COUO831Dissertation SeminarDr. Syreeta Cason
17341COUO833Dissertation IIDr. Richard Mason
17343COUO834Dissertation IIIDr. Richard Mason
17345COUO836Dissertation DefenseDr. Richard Mason
17346COUO899Independent StudyDr. Richard Mason
17348CYSO583Secure Software EngineeringDr. Chutima Boonthum-Denecke
17349CYSO683Adv Computer & Network SecDr. Janett Walters-Williams
17350CYSO685Risk ManagementDr. Robert Willis
17419COUO825Grant WritingDr. Ivy Lee
17420COUO824Theories & Pract Counsel SuperDr. Tiffany Crayton
17421COUO825Grant WritingDr. Ivy Lee
17422COUO831Dissertation SeminarDr. Richard Mason
17433NURO803Dissertation ResearchDr. Arlene Montgomery
17445CRTO0Graduation AdministrationTBA

Undergraduate Spring 2023

TermDatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/DropWithdrawal Period
Spring III (8 Weeks)Jan 9 – Mar 4, 2023Oct 31, 2022– Jan 14, 2023Jan 9 – Jan 13, 2023Jan 6 – Jan 10, 2023Jan 16 – Feb 25, 2023
Spring IV (8 Weeks)Mar 13 – May 6, 2023Oct 31, 2022– Mar 17, 2023Mar 13 – Mar 16, 2023Jan 6 – Jan 10, 2023Mar 20 – April 29, 2023
17198ACCO 203Accounting Principles Brittany Pemberton
17199AVNO153Aviation Foundations IRoland McKay
17200AVNO181Introduction to Airport SystemsRoland McKay
17201AVNO382Airport PlanningRoland McKay
17202BIOO 101Nature of Life Caressa Booker
17203COMO 103Oral Communication Virgelia Banks
17204CRJO 416Terrorism & National SecurityGeorge Ackerman
17205CRJO 417Enforcement & SecurityGeorge Ackerman
17206CRJO 499Senior PracticumGeorge Ackerman
17207CSOO 126Understanding the HU Culture Jasmine Suber-Waters
17208CSOO170Diversity & Global Awareness John Burnett
17209ECOO 201Principles of Macroeconomics John Burnett
17210EMSM305Fund of Emergency Service Org. ManagementTBA
17211EMSM408EMS FinanceTBA
17212ENGO 101Written Communication IDionne Redding
17213ENGO214Selections in LiteratureDionne Redding
17214ENTO210Intro to EntrepreneurshipMichael Bellamy
17215FINO290Personal Finance Regina Lewis
17216HEAO200Health EducationKia Marrow
17217HEAO 441Health & AgingKia Marrow
17218HISO 106World Civilizations II Mattew Pearcy
17219HMRO315Training and Development in OrganizationsMaria Rush
17220HMRO417Legal Aspects of Human Resource ManagementMaria Rush
17221HUMO201Seminar in Humanities IThomas Kolba
17222JACO220Principles of Public RelationsRegina Lewis
17223MATO205Introduction to StatisticsAshley Boni
17224MATO110College Mathematics IIAshley Boni
17225MATO117Pre-CalculusRobertson Bill
17226MATO 130Calculus Dawn Thomas
17227MGMO 205Computer Concepts in BusinessStephen Hagwood
17228MGMO215Principles of Statistical AnalysisRobertson Bill
17229MGMO216Quantitative MethodsBrenda Smith
17230MGMO312Personnel/Human Resources ManagementMaria Rush
17231MGMO321Management of International BusinessTBA
17232MGMO323Information DP Systems ManagementStephen Hagwood
17233MGMO 340Business Communication Robin Bowens
17234MGMO400Organizational BehaviorRobin Bowens
17235MGMO402Production/Operations ManagementStephen Hagwood
17236MGMO412Labor Management RelationsBrenda Smith
17237MGMO414Business EthicsTBA
17238MGMO499Business Policy & StrategyJohn Burnett
17239MKTO 305Principles of MarketingRegina Lewis
17240PHIO 203History of Western Philosophy ICorlette Bell
17241PLSO127Legal WritingCharise Mullens
17242PLSO150Torts and Personal InjuryAngelique Kearney
17243PLSO401Paralegal InternshipMouhriz Turner
17244PLSO405Wills, Trusts and EstatesCharise Mullens
17245PLSO414BankruptcyAngelique Kearney
17246PSAD302Project Management TBA
17247PSYO 203Introduction to PsychologyKim Long
17248PSYO401Industrial PsychologyKim Long
17249POLO201Introduction to Political ScienceTBA
17250RELO201Prophetic BooksWillard Maxwell
17251RELO202Life and Teachings of JesusKevin Swann
17252RELO211New Testament IKevin Swann
17253RELO305Biblical ExegesisJames Jones
17254RELO307World ReligionsBill Burrell
17255RELO310Basic Insights in Judeo Christian TraditionBill Burrell
17256RELO321African American Religions in Historical PerspectiveDebra Haggins
17257RELO401Introduction to Theology Debra Haggins
17258RELO450Introduction to Pastoral CareDebra Haggins
17259SOCO250Introduction to Social ResearchShyamal Das
17260SOCO304Race and Ethnic RelationsShyamal Das
17261SOCO400IntershipShyamal Das
17262SOCO499Senior PracticumShyamal Das
17263ACCO204Accounting Principles II Brittany Pemberton
17264AVNO153Aviation Foundations IRoland McKay
17265AVNO162Private Pilot Skill EnhancementRoland McKay
17266COMO250Interpersonal CommunicationVirgelia Banks
17267CSOO126Understanding the HU Culture Jasmine Suber-Waters
17268CSOO170Diversity & Global Awareness John Burnett
17269CSOO499General Studies Capstone Robin Bowens
17270ECOO202Principles of Microeconomics John Bartels
17271EMSM403Strategic PlanningGeorge Ackerman
17272ENGO102Written Communication IIDionne Redding
17273ENTO210Introduction to EntrepreneurshipMichael Bellamy
17274FINO304Business FinanceRegina Lewis
17275HEAO 200Health Education Kia Marrow
17276HISO107African-American HistoryMattew Pearcy
17277HMRO316Compensation and Benefits AdministrationBrenda Smith
17278HMRO417Legal Aspects of HRMMaria Rush
17279HMRO499Human Resources Mgmt. SeminarMaria Rush
17280HUMO202Seminar in Humanities IIThomas Kolba
17281MATO 130Calculus Robertson Bill
17282MGMO200Introduction to BusinessMaria Rush
17283MGMO216Quantitative MethodsBrenda Smith
17284MGMO301Business Organization and ManagementRobin Bowens
17285MGMO330Management of Small BusinessGeorge Ackerman
17286MGMO340Business CommunicationRobin Bowens
17287MGMO400Organizational BehaviorStephen Hagwood
17288MGMO402Production Operation ManagementStephen Hagwood
17289MGMO412Labor-Management RelationsBill Burrell
17290MGMO 499Business Policy and StrategyJohn Burnett
17291MKTO 305Principles of MarketingRegina Lewis
17292PHIO 204History of Western Philsophy IICorlette Bell
17293PHIO 305Ethics and Leadership Geth Allison
17294PLSO310Real EstateMouhriz Turner
17295PLSO360Criminal LawCharise Mullens
17296PLSO401Paralegal InternshipCharise Mullens
17297PLSO410Constitutional LawAngelique Kearney
17298PSAD401Pubic Safety CapstoneTBA
17299PSAO302Project ManagementTBA
17300PSYO205Social PsychologyKim Long
17301RELO201Life and Teachings of JesusKim Long
17302RELO203IslamGeth Allison
17304RELO212New Testament IIKevin Swann
17305PHIO 304Contemporary Ethical Problems: Ethics in AmericaDebra Haggins
17306RELO305Ethics and LeadershipDebra Haggins
17307RELO307World ReligionsGeth Allison
17308RELO309American Religious TraditionsWillard Maxwell
17309RELO450Introduction to Pastoral CareKevin Swann
17310SCIO102Introduction to Physical ScienceRobertson Bill
17311SOCO205Introduction to SociologyShyamal Das
17312SOCO303Juvenile DelinquencyShyamal Das
17313SOCO305The Criminal Justice SystemShyamal Das
17314SOCO415Advanced CriminologyShyamal Das

Undergraduate Summer 2023

TermDatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/Drop PeriodWithdrawal Period
Summer V (4 Weeks)May 15 – June 10, 2023Mar 1 – May 15, 2023May 15 – May 17, 2023May 15 – May 17, 2023May 22 – June 2, 2023
Summer V (4 Weeks)June 12 – July 8, 2023Mar 1 – June 12, 2023June 12 – June 16, 2023June 12 – June 16, 2023June 19 – June 30, 2023
Summer V (8 Weeks)May 15 – July 8, 2023Mar 1 – May 20, 2023May 15 – May 20, 2023May 15 – May 20, 2023May 22 – July 1, 2023
27370CHEO301Organic Chem. IMalik Muhammad
27371CHEO303AElementary Biochemistry IInsu F. Hahn
27373CHEO202General Chem. Quant. Analy. 2Michelle Waddell
27374CHEO302Organic Chem. 2Malik Muhammad
27375CHEO303BElementary Biochemistry IInsu F. Hahn
27372CHEO304Elementary Biochemistry 2Insu F. Hahn
27263ACCO203Accounting Principles I Brittany Pemberton
27264ACCO204Accounting Principles II Brittany Pemberton
27265AVNO454Senior Practicum/Capstone Roland McKay
27266AVNO480Airport DesignRoland McKay
27267AVNO481Concepts of Air Transportation UtilizationsRoland McKay
27268BIOO101Nature of LifeCaressa Booker
27269COMO103Oral CommunicationVirgelia Banks
27270COMO250Interpersonal Communication Virgelia Banks
27271CRJO205Intro to Criminal JusticeGeorge Ackerman
27272CRJO407Forensics & Crime Scene Investigation Ava Marrow
27273CRJO409Criminalistics of Cybercrime George Ackerman
27274CRJO410Issues in Law Enforcement George Ackerman
27275CRJO411Homeland Security George Ackerman
27276CSOO126Understanding the HU CultureJasmine Suber-Waters
27277CSOO170Diversity & Global AwarenessJohn Burnett
27278CSOO240Intro to Human Resource ManagementRobin Bowens
27279CSOO499Senior Capstone Robin Bowens
27280ECOO200EconomicsJohn Bartels
27281ECOO201Principles of Macroeconomics John Bartels
27282ECOO202Principles of MicroeconomicsJohn Bartels
27283EDMT305Emergency and Disaster Incident CommandTBA
27284EDMT300Homeland Security OrganizationTBA
27285EMSM205Foundation of EMS SystemsTBA
27286ENGO101Written Communication I Dionne Redding
27287ENGO102Written Communication II Dionne Redding
27288ENTO210Intro to Entrepreneurship Micheal Bellamy
27289FADO300Survey of Legal, Social and Political Issues TBA
27290FINO304Business FinanceRegina Lewis
27291HEAO200Health EducationKia Lawrence
27292HEAO441Health and AgingKia Lawrence
27293HISO106World Civilization II Matthew Pearcy
27294HISO107Survey of African-American History Matthew Pearcy
27295HMRO315Training and Development in OrganizationsMaria Rush
27296HMRO418Organizational ChangeMaria Rush
27297HMRO499Human Resource Management SeminarMaria Rush
27298HUMO201Seminars in Humanities IThomas Kolba
27299HUMO202Seminars in Humanities IIThomas Kolba
27300JACO220Principles of Public RelationsRegina Lewis
27301MATO110College Mathematics IIAshley Boni
27302MATO117Pre-Calculus Robertson Bill
27303MATO205Introduction to StatisticsRobertson Bill
27304MATO130CalculusRobertson Bill
27305MGMO200Intro to BusinessRobin Bowens
27306MGMO205Computer Concepts in BusinessStephen Hagwood
27307MGMO301Business Organization & Management Robin Bowens
27308MGMO312Personnel/Human Resources ManagementBrenda Smith
27309MGMO215Principles of Statistical AnalysisRobertson Bill
27310MGMO321International BusinessMaria Rush
27311MGMO305Business LawAngelique Kearney
27312MGMO340Business Communication Brenda Smith
27313MGMO330Management of Small BusinessStephen Hagwood
27314MGMO400Organizational BehaviorBill Burrell
27315MGMO412Labor-Management RelationsStephen Hagwood
27316MGMO499Business Policy and StrategyJohn Burnett
27317MKTO305Prin. of MarketingRegina Lewis
27318PDMO211Public AdministrationRegina Lewis
27319PHIO301Contemporary Moral ProblemsCorlette Bell
27320PHIO304Contemporary Ethical ProblemsCorlette Bell
27321PHIO305Ethics and LeadershipCorlette Bell
27322PLSO125Law in SocietyAva Marrow
27323PLSO126Legal ResearchTBA
27324PLSO127Legal WritingAva Marrow
27325PLSO150Torts and Personal InjuryAngelique Kearney
27326PLSO305Law Office ManagementAva Marrow
27327PLSO310Real EstateTBA
27328PLSO320Litigation and Trial PracticesMouhriz Turner
27329PLSO350Business OrganizationsMouhriz Turner
27330PLSO360Criminal LawAngelique Kearney
27331PLSO370Domestic RelationsMouhriz Turner
27332PLSO401Paralegal InternshipMouhriz Turner
27333PLSO412Introduction to Administrative LawTBA
27334POLO201Introduction to Political ScienceTBA
27335POLO311African Political TheoryTBA
27336PSYO203Intro. To PsychologyKim Long
27337PSYO205Social PsychologyKim Long
27338PSYO401Industrial PsychologyKim Long
27339RELO111Old Testament IKevin Swann
27340RELO307World ReligionsBill Burrell
27341RELO310Basic Insights of the Judaeo-Christian TraditionBill Burrell
27342SOCO205Introduction to SociologyShyamal Das
27343SOCO210Social ProblemsShyamal Das
27344SOCO250Introduction to Social ResearchShyamal Das
27345SOCO304Race and Ethnic RelationsShyamal Das

2023 Undergraduate Academic Year

InstructorCourseTextbookE-Book Version Currently in Use
Brittany PembertonACCO 203 Accounting Principles IFundamental Accounting Principles,
John Wild, Ken Shaw and Kermit Larson

25th Edition 9781260247985
Brittany PembertonACCO 204 Accounting Principles IIFundamental Accounting Principles,
John Wild, Ken Shaw and Kermit Larson

25th Edition 9781260247985
Caressa BookerBIOO 101 Nature of LifeEssentials of Biology 6e 6th Edition By: Sylvia Mader 9781264798018Yes
Jasmine SuberCSOO-126 Understanding the HU Culture/Adult Academic Successful Skills for Adult LearningNoneNo
Dionne ReddingENGO 101 Written Communication ILanguage and Composition
Dionne ReddingENGO 214 Selections in LiteratureLiterature and Composition
Shea, Renee H, Lawrence Scanlon, and Robin D. Aufses
John BartelsMicroeconomicsETEXT Custom, McGraw HillYes
John BartelsMicroeconomicsETEXT Custom, McGraw HillYes
John BurnettCSOO 170 Diversity & Global AwarenessUnderstanding and Managing Diversity, 6/E, Carol P. Harvey and M. June Allard
ISBN-13: 978-0133548198
John BurnettMGMO 499 Business Policy and StrategyStrategic Management and Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases, 6th edition. Published by Pearson (January 8, 2018) – Copyright Β© 2019
ISBN-13: 9780134743554
George AckermanCRJO 417 – Law Enforcement & SecurityHess, K. (2009). Introduction to Private Security. Cengage- Wadsworth Publishing. ISBN 13-978-0-534-63204-5Yes
George AckermanCMJT-401 Ethics in Criminal JusticePollock, J. M. (2022). Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice (11th ed.). Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 9780357512913Yes
George AckermanCRJO 416 – Terrorism & National SecurityPoland, J. (2011) Understanding Terrorism: Groups, Strategies, and Responses, 3/E. Prentice Hall

ISBN-13: 9780132457767
George AckermanCRJO 499 Senior PracticumNo bookNo
George AckermanEMSM-408 EMS FinanceMitterer, D. M., & Lindsey, J. (2014). EMS finance (1st ed.). Pearson. ISBN-13: 9780135074824Yes
George AckermanEMSM-305 Fundamentals of EMSLindsey, J. T., & Monosky, K. T. (2014). EMS Safety and Risk Management, 1st edition (1st ed.). Pearson. ISBN-13: 9780133818789Yes
Kia LawrenceHEAO-200 Health EducationYour Health Today 7th Edition, Teague, McGraw Hill 9781259912450Yes
Kia LawrenceHEAO-441 Health and AgingAdult Development and Aging
By John Cavanaugh
ISBN: 9780357796337
Matt PearcyHISO 106 – World Civilization IISherman and Salisbury, “The West in the World” (5th edition)Yes
Matt PearcyHISO 105 – World Civilization ISherman and Salisbury, “The West in the World” (5th edition)Yes
Matt PearcyHISO 107 – Survey of African-American HistoryJohn Hope Franklin, “From Slavery to Freedom” (10th edition)Yes
Stephen HagwoodMGMO 400 – Organizational BehaviorEssentials of Organizational Behavior, 15th Edition 9780137438617Yes
Stephen HagwoodMGMO 402 – Production/Operations ManagementPrinciples of Supply Chain Management: A Balanced Approach 6th Edition
ISBN: 9780357715604
Robin BowensMGMO 340 – Business CommunicationBCOM 10, 10th Edition
Authors: Carol M. Lehman; Debbie D. DuFrene; Robyn Walker
ISBN-13: 9780357026595
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Robin BowensMGMO 200 Intro. to BusinessContemporary Business, 19th Edition
Louis E. Boone, David L. Kurtz, Brahm Canzer 9781119813187
Robin BowensMGMO 240 Intro to Human Resource ManagementFundamentals of Human Resource Management, 14th Edition
Susan L. Verhulst, David A. DeCenzo 9781119803768
Robin BowensMGMO 301 – Business Organization and ManagementManagement: Leading & Collaborating in a Competitive World: ISBN: 9781260261523
14Th Edition. Author: Thomas Bateman and Scott Snell
Publisher: McGraw-Hill High Education
Corlette BellPHIO 203 – History of Western Philosophy IStanford Encyclopedia of PhilosophyYes
Corlette BellPHIO 210 Logic and Scientific MethodSymbolic Logic — Third Edition
By Irving Copi
Angelique KearneyPLSO 150 Torts and Personal InjuryTort Law 7th Edition, J. Stanley Edwards 9780357711217Yes
Angelique KearneyPLSO 405 Wills, Trusts and EstatesWills, Trusts and Estates Administration 9th Edition, Janis Walter 9780357711446Yes
Angelique KearneyPLSO 350 Business OrganizationsOrganization Theory & Design 13th Edition, Richard Daft 9780357702390Yes
Michael BellamyENTO-210 Introduction to EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship; Hisrich, R., Peters, M., Shepherd, D.
Edition: 11th McGraw-Hill
ISBN# 9781260043730

Maria RushHRMO 315 Training and Development in OrganizationsEmployee Training & Development
EDITION: 8th Raymond Noe 9781260043747 McGraw Hill
Maria RushHRMO 417 Legal Aspects of Human Resource ManagementEmployment Law for Human Resource Practice EDITION: 6th David J. Walsh 9781337555326 Cengage Published 2019 New edition 3/2023No
Maria RushMGMO 321 Management of International BusinessInternational Management Edition: 10th Helen Deresky, Stewart R. Miller Pearson, 9780136975489 2021Yes
Maria RushMGMO 312 Personnel/Human Resources ManagementFundamental of Human Resources Management Gary Dessler Edition: 5th 9780136878858 Pearson 2020Yes
Maria RushMGMO 200 Introduction to BusinessFoundation of Business William M. Pride, Robert J. Hughes, Jack R. Kapoor Edition: 6th Cengage 9781337386920 2023Yes
Maria RushHMRO 499 Human Resources Management SeminarHuman Resources Management Author: Robert L. Mathis & John H. Jackson, Sean Valentine; Patricia Meglich Edition: 16th Cengage 9780357033852Yes
Brenda SmithMGMO 216 Quantitative MethodsAn Introduction to Management Science: Quantitative Approach To Decision Making, Edition: 16th Edition, Author: David R. Anderson; 2023, Publisher: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9780357715581 Yes
Brenda SmithHMRO 316 Compensation and Benefits AdministrationStrategic Compensation A Human Resource Management, Author: Martocchio, Joseph J, Edition: 10th Edition, Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 9780135226131
Kim LongPSYO 203 Introduction to PsychologyI use Open Educational Resources embedded in my classes at no expense to my studentsNo

Graduate Summer 2023

TermDatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/Drop PeriodWithdrawal Period
Summer V (4 Weeks)May 15 – June 10, 2023Mar 1 – May 15, 2023May 15 – May 17, 2023May 15 – May 17, 2023May 22 – June 2, 2023
Summer V (4 Weeks)June 12 – July 8, 2023Apr 1 – June 12, 2023June 12 – June 14, 2023June 12 – June 14, 2023June 19 – July 30, 2023
Summer V (10 Weeks)May 22 – July 28, 2023Mar 1 – May 22, 2023May 22 – May 26, 2023May 22 – May 26, 2023May 29 – July 21, 2023
27376BLAO701ROrganizational BehaviorTBD
27377BLAO703RAdvanced Computer ApplicationsTBD
27378BLAO704RAdvanced Topics in ResearchTBD
27379BLAO740RManagerial EconomicsTBD
27380BLAO702ROrganizational TheoryTBD
27381BLAO760RBehavioral Research MethodsTBD
27382BLAO761REmpirical Research MethodsTBD
27383BLAO707RPreproposal PresentationDr. Hyatt
27384BLAO706RTeaching MethodologyTBD
27385BLAO800R**Dissertation I** ( Comps)Dr. Hyatt
710 ALeadership, Theory & PracticeDr. Denise Charbonnet
27347EDUO710 BLeadership, Theory & PracticeDr. Martha Jallim-Hall
27348EDUO611 ATechniques and Problems in Ed. ResearchDr. Zina McGee
27349EDUO611 BTechniques and Problems in Ed. ResearchDr. Ronald White
27350EDUO734 AAdv. Quantitative MethodsDr. Zina McGee
27351EDUO734 BAdv. Quantitative MethodsTBA
27352EDUO733 AAdvanced Quantitative ResearchDr. Zina McGee
27353EDUO733 BAdvanced Qualitative ResearchTBA
27354EDUO727 AInstructional ImprovementDr. Adrienne Britton
27355EDUO727 BInstructional ImprovementDr. Laura Suggs
27356EDUO724 AOrganization and GovernanceDr. Stephanie Johnson
27357EDUO724 BOrganization and GovernanceDr. Wendy Cotton
27358EDUO732 AQuantitative Research MethodsDr. Ronald White
27359EDUO732 BQuantitative Research MethodsDr. Adrienne Britton
27360EDUO732 CQuantitative Research MethodsDr. Spencer Baker
27361EDUO731 AQualitative Research MethodsDr. Zina McGee
27362EDUO731 BQualitative Research MethodsDr. Donna Kindred
27363EDUO731 CQualitative Research MethodsDr. Syreeta Cason
27364EDUO740 ADissertation ResearchDr. Denise Charbonnet
27365EDUO740 BDissertation ResearchDr. Martha Jallim Hall
27366EDUO740 CDissertation ResearchDr. Stephanie Johnson
27367EDUO740 DDissertation ResearchDr. Adrienne Britton
27368EDUO740 EDissertation ResearchDr. Syreeta Cason
27369EDUO740 FDissertation ResearchDr. Wendy Cotton
27386COUO710Ethics and Legl Aspts of CounsDr. Debbie Hood
27387COUO826Research & Program EvaluationDr. Zina McGee
27388COUO823Theories & Pract Counseling EdDr. Tiffany Crayton
27389COUO801Counseling Leadership and AdvocacyDr. Tiffany Crayton
27390COUO721Advanced Group & Systems TheoryDr. Nickolas Spears
27391COUO899-ACOUO 899 – Independent StudyDr. Richard Mason
27392COUO802Comprehensive ExamDr. Richard Mason
27393COUO832-ADissertation IDr. Richard Mason
27394COUO836Dissertation DefenseDr. Richard Mason
NURO799Independent Study in NursingDr. A. Montgomery/Dr. L. Hughes
NURO733Advanced Internship in Nursing EducationDr. L. Hughes/Dr. A. Montgomery
NURO717Family/Family Related Research: Instrument DevelopmentDr. Montgomery/TBA

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