Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Fall 2020

TermDatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/Drop PeriodWithdrawal Period
Fall I (8 Weeks)Aug 3 – Sep 25, 2020May 18 – Aug 2, 2020Aug 3 – Aug 7, 2020Aug 3 – Aug 7, 2020Aug 10 – Sep 18, 2020
Fall II (8 Weeks)Oct 12 – Dec 4, 2020May 18 – Oct 11, 2020Oct 12 – Oct 16, 2020Oct 12 – Oct 16, 2020Oct 19 – Nov 27, 2020
Fall Semester (16 Weeks)Aug 17 – Dec 4, 2020May 18 – Aug 16, 2020Aug 17 – Aug 21, 2020Aug 17 – Aug 21, 2020Aug 24 – Nov 27, 2020

3712271ACCO 203Accounting Principles I
3712371AVNO 153Aviation History
3712471AVNO 481Concepts Air Transportation
3712571BIOO 101 Nature of Life
3712671COMO 103 Oral Communication
3712771COMO 250Interpersonal Communication
3712871CRJO 407Forensics Crime Scene Investigation
3712971CRJO 416Terrorism & National Security
3713071CSOO 126 Understanding the HU Culture
3713171CSOO 126 Understanding the HU Culture
3713271CSOO 126 Understanding the HU Culture
3713371CSOO 170Diversity & Global Awareness
3713471CSOO 170Diversity & Global Awareness
3713571CSOO 170Diversity & Global Awareness
3713671ECOO 201Economics (Macro)
3713771ENGO 101 Written Communication I
3713871ENGO 214Selections in Literature
3713971FINO 290Personal Finance
3714071HEAO 200 Health Education
3714171HISO 106 World Civilizations II
3714271HMRO 315Training & Development in Organizations
3714371HMRO 316Compensation and Benefits Administration
3714471HUMO 201Seminar in Humanities I
3714571MATO 110College Math II
3714671MATO 117Pre-Calculus
3714871MGMO 215Principles of Statistical Analysis
3714971MGMO 301 Business Organization & Management
3715071MGMO 312Personnel HRM
3715171MGMO 323Management Information DP Systems
3715271MGMO 400Organizational Behavior
3720171MUSO 200Intro to Music
3715371PHIO 203History of Western Philosophy I
3715471PHIO 210Logic and the Scientific Method
3715571PLSO 125Law in Society
3715671PLSO 126Legal Research
3715771PSYO 401Industrial Psychology
3715871SOCO 205Introduction to Sociology
3721173RELO 111Old Testament I
3721573RELO 203Islam
3720071RELO 307World Religions
3721373PHIO 301Contemporary Moral Problems
3728171CRJO 410Issues in Law Enforcement

3715972ACCO 204Accounting Principles II
3716072AVNO 162Private Pilot Ground School
3716172AVNO 181Intro to Airport Systems
3716272COMO 103 Oral Communication
3716372COMO 250Interpersonal Communication
3716472CRJO 418Emergency Preparedness
3716572CSOO 126Understanding HU Culture
3716672CSOO 126Understanding HU Culture
3716772CSOO 126Understanding the HU Culture
3716872CSOO 170Diversity & Global Awareness
3716972CSOO 170Diversity & Global Awareness
3717072CSOO 170Diversity & Global Awareness
3720372CSOO 499General Studies Cap Stone
3717172ECOO 200Intro. to Economics
3717272ECOO 202Economics (Micro)
3717372ENGO 102 Written Communication II
3717472ENGO 214Selections in Literature
3717572ENTO 210Intro to Entrepreneurship
3717672FINO 304Business Finance
3717772HISO 107African-American History
3717872HMRO 316 Compensation & Benefits
3717972HMRO 417Legal Aspects of HR Management
3718072HUMO 202Seminar in Humanities II
3718172JACO 220Principles of Public Relations
3718272MATO 130 Calculus
3718372MATO 205Intro. to Statistics
3718472MGMO 205Computer Concepts in Business
3718572MGMO 216Quantitative Methods
3718672MGMO 305Business Law
3718772MGMO 321 Management of International Business
3718872MGMO 412 Labor Management Relations
3718972PHIO 204History of Western Philosophy II
3719072PHIO 301Contemporary Moral Problems
3719172PHIO 305 Ethics and Leadership
3719272PLSO 127Legal Writing
3719372PLSO 150Torts & Personal Injury
3719472PLSO 320Litigation and Trial Practice
3719572POLO 201Intro. to Political Science
3719672PSYO 203Introduction to Psychology
3719772PSYO 205Social Psychology
3720272RELO 310Basic Insight of the Judeo Christian Tradition
3719872SOCO 205Intro to Sociology
3719972SOCO 405Violence Against Women
3728272SOCO 403 Victimology
3721672RELO 112Old Testament II
3721772PHIO 210Logic and the Scientific Method
3721872PHIO 304Ethics
3728672RELO 201The Prophetic Books
3721972RELO 206Other Religious Traditions

Winter 2020

TermDatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/Drop PeriodWithdrawal Period
Winter (4 Weeks)Dec 14, 2020 – Jan 12, 2021Oct 12 – Dec 14, 2020Dec 14, 2020Dec 14, 2020Can not withdraw from a 30 day session

47001BIOO 101Nature of Life
COMO 103Oral Communication
47003CRJO 409The Criminalistics of Cybercrime
47004CRJO 411Homeland Security
47005ECOO 201Principles of Economics (Macro)
47007ENGO 201Written Communication I
47008ENGO 102Written Communication II
47009ENTO 210Introduction to Entrepreneurship
47010FINO 290Personal Finance
47011HEAO 200Health Education
47012HISO 106World Civilizations II
47013HISO 107Survey of African-American History
47014HMRO 315Training and Development in Organizations
47015HMRO 316Compensation and Benefits Administration
47016HUMO 201Seminar in Humanities I
47017HUMO 202Seminar in Humanities II
47018MATO 110College Mathematics II
47019MATO 117Pre-Calculus
47020MATO 205Introduction to Statistics
47021MGMO 205Computer Concepts in Business
47022MGMO 300Total Quantity Management
47023MGMO 305Business Law
47024MGMO 312Personnel/Human Resources Management
47025MGMO 340Business Communication
47026MGMO 350Principles of Supervision
47027PHIO 304Ethics
47028PDMO 211Public Administration
47029PLSO 305Law Office Management
47030PLSO 350Business Organization
47031PSYO 203Intro to Psychology
47032PYSO 205Social Psychology
47033RELO 307World Religion
47034RELO 310Basic Insights to Judeo Christian Tradition
47035RELO 321African American Religions in Historical Perspective
47036SOCO 205Introduction to Sociology
AVNO 453Special Topics in Aviation
4704383MBAO 211Lower Division Internship Trn

Spring 2021

TermDatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/Drop PeriodWithdrawal Period
Spring III (8 Weeks)Jan 11 – Mar 5, 2021Nov 9, 2020 – Jan 9, 2020Jan 11 – Jan 15, 2021Jan 11 – Jan 15, 2021Jan 18 – Feb 26, 2021
Spring IV (8 Weeks)Mar 15 – May 7, 2021Nov 9, 2020 – Mar 14, 2021Mar 15 – Mar 19, 2021Mar 15 – Mar 19, 2021Mar 22 – Apr 30, 2021
Spring Semester (16 Weeks)Jan 4 – May 7, 2021Nov 9 – Dec 11, 2020Jan 4 – Jan 8, 2021Jan 4 – Jan 8, 2021Jan 11 – Apr 30, 2021

1700473ACCO 203Accounting Principles
1700573AVNO 181Introduction to Airport Systems
1700673AVNO 480Airport Design
1700773BIOO 101Nature of Life
1700873COMO 103Oral Communication
1700973CRJO 416Terrorism & National Security
1701073CRJO 417Enforcement & Security
1701173CSOO 126Understanding the HU Culture
1701273CSOO 170Diversity & Global Awareness
1701373ECOO 201Principles of Macroeconomics
1701473ENGO 101Written Communication I
1701573ENGO 214Selections in Literature
1701673ENTO 210Intro to Entrepreneurship
1701773FINO 290Personal Finance
1701873HEAO 200Health education
1701973HISO 106World Civilizations II
1702073HMRO 316Compensation and Benefits Administration
1702173HUMO 201Seminar in Humanities I
1702273JACO 220Principles of Public Relations
1702373MATO 110College Mathematics II
1702473MATO 117Pre-Calculus
1702573MATO 130Calculus
1702673MGMO 205Computer Concepts in Business
1702773MGMO 215Principles of Statistical Analysis
1702873MGMO 216Quantative Methods
1703073MGMO 312Personnel/Human Resources Management
1702973MGMO 323Information DP Systems Management
1703173MGMO 340Business Communication
1703273MGMO 412Labor Management Relations
1703373MGMO 414Business Ethics
1703473MGMO 499Business Policy & Strategy
1703573MKTO 305Principles of Marketing
1703673PHIO 203History of Western Philosophy I
1703773PLSO 127Legal Writing
1703873PLSO 405Wills, Trusts and Estates
1703973PLSO 414Bankruptcy
1704073PSYO 401Industrial Psychology
1704173POLO 201Introduction to Political Science
1704273RELO 201Prophetic Books
1704373RELO 202Life and Teachings of Jesus
1704473RELO 211New Testament I
1704573RELO 307World Religions
1704673RELO 310Basic Insights in Judeo Christian Tradition
1704773RELO 321African American Religions in Historical Perspective
1704873RELO 401Introduction to Theology
1704973RELO 450Introduction to Pastoral Care
1705073SOCO 250Introduction to Social Research
1705173SOCO 304Race and Ethnic Relations
1717473HMRO 315Training and Development in Organizations

1705274ACCO 204Accounting Principles II
1705374AVNO 153Aviation Foundations I
1705474AVNO 162Private Pilot Skill Enhancement
1705574CSOO 126Understanding the HU Culture
1705674CSOO 170Diversity & Global Awareness
1705774CSOO 499General Studies Capstone
1705874ECOO 202Principles of Microeconomics
1705974ENGO 102Written Communication II
1706074ENTO 210Introduction to Entrepreneurship
1706174FINO 304Business Finance
1706274HEAO 200Health Education
1706374HISO 107African-American History
1706474HMRO 417Legal Aspects of Human Resource Management
1706574HMRO 499Human Resources Mgmt. Seminar
1706674HUMO 202Seminar in Humanities II
1706774MATO 130Calculus
1706874MGMO 200Introduction to Business
1706974MGMO 216Quantitative Methods
1707074MGMO 301Business Organization and Management
1707174MGMO 330Management of Small Business
1707274MGMO 400Organizational Behavior
1707374MGMO 402Production Operation Management
1707474MGMO 499Business Policy and Strategy
1707574MKTO 305Principles of Marketing
1707674PHIO 204History of Western Philology II
1707774PHIO 305Ethics and Leadership
1707874PLSO 360Criminal Law
1707974PLSO 401Paralegal Internship
1708074PLSO 410Constitutional Law
1708174PSYO 205Social Psychology
1708274RELO 201Life and Teachings of Jesus
1708374RELO 204Pentecostalism
1708474RELO 212New Testament II
1708574PHIO 304Ethics
1708674RELO 305Ethics and Leaderaship
1708774RELO 307World Religions
1708874RELO 450Introduction to Pastoral Care
1708974SCIO 102Introduction to Physical Science
1709074SOCO 205Introduction to Sociology
1709174SOCO 415Advanced Criminology

Summer 2021

TermDatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/Drop PeriodWithdrawal Period
Summer V (8 Weeks)May 24 – July 16, 2021Mar 1 – May 21, 2021May 24 – May 28, 2021May 24 – May 28, 2021May 31 – July 9, 2021

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