Bachelor of Arts
in General Studies

The Bachelor of Arts Degree Program in General Studies provides students with strong preparation for employment and graduate study. The curriculum offers a general education foundation with emphasis in the areas of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. In addition, students are provided with ample exposure to business concepts through course work in Economics, Business Organization and Management. The Bachelor of Arts Degree Program in General Studies accommodates students interested in a flexible academic curriculum which will introduce them to a variety of subjects. Students who complete the degree program in General Studies will find their written, verbal, analytical and research skills greatly enhanced.

Students planning for academic work beyond the baccalaureate level will find that the Bachelor of Arts Degree Program in General Studies provides them with strong preparation for graduate study.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree Program in General Studies is an excellent academic option for military and civilian students who have attended other colleges and universities, and who have accumulated a number of credit hours in a non-specific major. Such students may benefit by transferring these hours into the General Studies program.

CourseCourse TitleCredit Hours
COMO 103Oral Communication3
CSOO 126Und. the HU Culture/Academic Success Skills1
ENGO 101Written Communication I 3
ENGO 102Written Communication II3
HEAO 200Health Education2
HISO 106 World Civilizations II3
HUMO 201Seminar in Humanities I3
MATO 110College Mathematics II3
COMO 250Interpersonal Communication3
CSOO 170Diversity and Global Awareness3
ECOO 200Introduction to Economics3
MGMO 200Introduction to Business.3
MUSO 200Introduction to Music3
POLO 201Introduction to Political Science3
MGMO 301Business Organization and Management3
MGMO 312Personnel/Human Resources Management3
PHIO 203History of Western Philosophy I3
PHIO 204History of Western Philosophy II3
ENGO 214Selections in Literature3
PHIO 304Ethics3
PSYO 205Social Psychology3
PSYO 401Industrial Psychology3
RELO 307World Religions3
RELO 310Basic Insights of Judeo Christian Traditions3
CSOO 499General Studies Capstone3
ElectiveCultures & Civilization Elective3
ElectiveNatural Science Elective3
ElectiveSocial Science Elective (2)6
ElectiveComputer Science & Technology Elective3
ElectiveFree Elective (11)33
Total Credit Hours120

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