Application fees are due prior to admission to Hampton U Online. Tuition and registration fees are due at the time of registration for a given term. All outstanding balances must be paid before a student will be allowed to register. A deferred schedule of payments is available as follows:

  • Pay one-half (1/2) of the tuition, plus the application and registration fees on or before the first day of the session.
  • The balance of the tuition will be due in full on or before the close of the session. 

Financial Aid

Eligible students enrolled at University College may be awarded Federal, State, and University aid. For more information, please contact the Hampton University Financial Aid Office by online contact form or by phone at 800-624-3341 or 757-727-5332.


OSHER Reentry Scholarship is a scholarship for students 25-50 years of age whose collegiate studies were interrupted by circumstances beyond their control for approximately five years and who now wish to resume their studies and complete a four-year degree (Bachelor’s degree). For more information, please call 757-727-5434.

Undergraduate Credit Course

  • $300.00 per credit hour
  • $100 Registration Fee (per session)
  • $150.00 Late Registration Fee
  • $50.00 Technology Fee (per semester)

Graduate Credit Course

  • $695.00 per credit hour
  • $100.00 Registration Fee (per session)
  • $150.00 Late Registration
  • $125.00 Technology Fee (per semester)

Other Fees

  • $10.00 Transcript Request Fee
  • $25.00 Writing Competency Examination
  • $50.00 Comprehensive Examination
  • $50.00 Evaluation of Academic Records for Transfer Credit Fee


HU Online procedure for notification of additional fees associated with verification of student identity for distance education courses includes the following: posting the information on HU News (distributed throughout the entire University and alumni community), notice placed on the website, email to students sent directly to their HU email accounts, notification placed in the learning management system to student hub, placement on social media, and joint notifications sent to the University Registrar as well as the Students Accounts office. 

Records Maintenance Fee

Degree seeking students must maintain active status. All degree seeking students who do not enroll for two consecutive sessions or more will be placed in an inactive status and may have to reapply for admission prior to resuming studies. Degree seeking students may avoid becoming inactive during sessions in which they are not enrolled in courses by submitting a records maintenance fee in order to keep their files active. The fee is equivalent to one credit hour of tuition. This applies to military personnel who are not enrolled while they are deployed, as well as graduating students that are not enrolled in the term in which they are going to graduate.

(Above fees are subject to change.)

Refunds, Credits, and Reinstatement as a Result of Military Service

In accordance with the Code of Virginia, Section 23-9.6:2 and the corresponding SCHEV Virginia Tuition Relief, Refund, and Reinstatement Guidelines, Hampton U Online provides for the tuition relief, refund and reinstatement of students whose service in the uniformed services has required their sudden withdrawal or prolonged absence from their enrollment due to a call or order to active duty, of more than 30 days, after the beginning of a semester. Dependents of military members may also be given consideration under this policy.

For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions shall apply:

“Service in the uniformed services” means service (whether voluntary or involuntary) on active duty in the Armed Forces, including such service by a member of the National Guard or Reserve, for a period of more than 30 days under call or order to active duty of more than 30 days.

“Dependents” is defined as any civilian qualifying as a military dependent under 37 USC 401 currently or as otherwise amended.

“Tuition” means the actual price of education charged to a student for the term in which service in the uniformed services caused his or her sudden withdrawal or prolonged absence from enrollment at a Virginia institution of higher education.

“Reinstatement” means the re-admittance and reenrollment of a student whose service in the uniformed services has caused his or her sudden withdrawal or prolonged absence from enrollment.

“Sudden withdrawal” means leaving an institution after a semester has begun or after the tuition and required fees for a term have already been billed to or paid by the student.


To be eligible for the considerations detailed in this policy, Hampton U Online requires students to complete the following:

Students may use self-service in HUNET to drop class(es) during the drop/add period.

Students may submit a withdrawal form to the Hampton U Online registration coordinator after the drop/add period, but prior to the end of the withdrawal period. Once the last day to withdraw from a class has been reached, students wishing to withdraw must complete and submit paperwork for an Administrative Withdrawal. The student must provide a copy of the applicable military orders or enlistment contract for documentation. All paperwork needs to be submitted to the College Registrar for approval.

If the student elects to receive an Incomplete grade “I” for a course(s), the student should inform the instructor and the advisor.  The advisor will process the incomplete grade for the student.

Students may want to discuss enrollment changes with the Hampton U Online School Certifying Officer  prior to any action being taken.

Records Maintenance Fee

If the student is deployed to active duty military service during the semester and the student requests to be dropped from their classes after the last date to drop and receive a refund of tuition, the student can:

  1. Refund of Tuition, Room and Board Fees: Refund for students with­drawing from the University for any reason will be made in accor­dance with the scale listed’ below. The application, matriculation, and the advance deposit fees are Non-Refundable Fees.

NOTE: The official end of the Add/Drop period is also the last day for any financial adjustments for students not withdrawing from the University. This refund schedule is subject to change due to federal regulations or changes in University policy. Withdraw from all or part of their courses with no refund and be assigned a grade of “W.”


Refund Percentage















  1. Withdraw from all or part of their courses with no refund and be assigned a grade of “W.”

 Students receiving Department of Veteran Affairs education benefits should discuss refunds with the Hampton U Online School Certifying Officer prior to their request.  Refunding tuition may create a debt that must be repaid to the Department of Veteran Affairs.

In the event that there is an unpaid student account balance at time of deployment, the Hampton University will work with student on payment arrangements. No collection actions will occur during deployment; however, the student must resolve any unpaid balances prior to subsequent enrollment.

Academic Credit

When a student is deployed to active duty military service (for reservists) or mobilized (active military) as described in the Code of Virginia, Section 23-9.6:2 and the corresponding SCHEV Virginia Tuition Relief, Refund, and Reinstatement Guidelines, the student will have the following options concerning grades assigned for the semester in which the call to active duty occurs.

If the student elects to receive an “I” (Incomplete) grade, the regulation regarding conversion of an “I” to “F” grade will be suspended until the student returns to Hampton U Online.  Should the student not return to Hampton U Online, the “I” will revert to a “W” (Withdrawal).

The student may be given the option of taking their examinations prior to regularly scheduled times.

If the student leaves at a point in the semester after which a significant amount of work has been completed, the student may request the assignment of a grade for work completed. This option requires a joint agreement of the student and the faculty member(s).


The following provisions govern reinstatement to Hampton U Online upon release or return from service in the uniformed services.

The student will be assured a reasonable opportunity to be reinstated to their program of study (if available), without having to reapply for admission if they return to Hampton U Online after a cumulative absence of not more than five years, and they provide notice of intent to return to the College not later than three years after the completion of the period of service.

Relevant exceptions to these timelines can be found in the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

Throughout the entire process, the student will have access to advising services to determine the impact of absence from the program, to evaluate the ability to resume study, and to assess options.