Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD)

The Ph.D. program in nursing requires a minimum of 48 hours of course work beyond the master’s level. Students must complete all requirements for the Ph.D. within seven (7) years after successfully passing the doctoral qualifying examination.

Family and family-related research is the area of emphasis for the degree. Core requirements are the same for all students regardless of their research interests. Students are able to pursue their individual interests by taking elective and cognate courses. The program is designed to be flexible enough to be adjusted to the appropriate needs of the students.

To complete the program, students are required to satisfactorily complete core courses, an approved area of related study, and demonstrate research competence through the completion of the dissertation. The student’s competence and scientific knowledge is tested through three doctoral examinations: a qualifying examination, a comprehensive examination, and an oral defense of the dissertation.

Nursing Doctoral Core Courses: Family & Family Related Research: (20 hours)

CourseTitleSemester Hours
NURO 704 Introduction to Online Learning/Scientific Writing2
NURO 710Family/Family Related Research: Historical and Cultural Perspectives3
NURO 711Family/Family Related Research: Philosophical, Conceptual and Theoretical Perspectives3
NURO 712Family/Family Related Research: Theory & Concept Analysis3
NURO 713Family/Family Related Research: Leadership, Policy, and Ethics3
NURO 718Analysis & Evaluation of Theory Generating & Theory Testing Research3
NURO 717Family/Family Related Research: Instrument Development3

Nursing Doctoral Research Core Courses: (15 hours)

CourseTitleSemester Hours
NURO 670Statistics for Health Professionals3
NURO 714Quantitative Methods I3
NURO 716Qualitative Methods I3
NURO 715/719Quantitative Methods II or Qualitative Methods II3
NURO 725Grantsmanship and Publications3

Nursing Doctoral Family/Family Related Cognate Courses: (9 hours)

CourseTitleSemester Hours
NURO 720Dissemination & Utilization of Family Nursing Research3
NURO 721Vulnerable Populations: A Family Perspective3
NURO 722Special Topics in Family Nursing3
NURO 723Family Research3
NURO 724Special Topics in Family Research & Family Development Theory3
NURO 799Independent Study in Nursing3

Nursing Doctoral Nurse Educator Cognate Courses: (9 hours)

CourseTitleSemester Hours
NURO 726Creating the Future of Nursing Education3
NURO 727Learning Theories & Educational Philosophy3
NURO 728Assessment, Evaluation & Accreditation of Nursing Programs3
NURO 729Teaching Strategies for Nursing Educators3
NURO 731Curriculum Development in Nursing Education3
NURO 733Advanced Internship in Nursing Education3

Dissertation Core Courses: (16 hours)

CourseTitleSemester Hours
NURO 800Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination0
NURO 801Dissertation Research I4
NURO 802Dissertation Research II4
NURO 803Dissertation Research III4
NURO 804Dissertation Research IV4
NURO 805Dissertation Defense0

Course Details

  • Cost Per Credit – $695
  • Course Length – 8 weeks
  • Degree Credits – 54 – 60
  • Degree Length – 4 years

Financial Aid

Application Deadlines

Starting Session: Fall
Deadline: June 15th

Admissions Requirements

Students seeking admission to the Doctor of Philosophy program are subject to the rules and regulations of the University, the Graduate College, the School of Nursing and HamptonU Online.  Admission to doctoral program is open to all qualified applicants who meet the requirements stated in the University Catalog.

In addition, admission to the doctoral program requires:

  1. A master’s degree in nursing from an accredited program.
  2. A graduate record Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Completed online application.
  4. A personal statement that delineates the applicant’s: 1) rationale for selecting Hampton University School of Nursing’s doctoral program, 2) description of goals and aspirations, 3) expectations of doctoral study, 4) previous research and scholarship, and 5) current research interest that could lead to the development of a dissertation.  The statement should be between 3 and 5 typed pages, double spaced, and in a 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font.
  5. A current curriculum vita that includes sections on Education, Research and Scholarly Activity, and Service.
  6. A current valid license to practice professional nursing in any state at the time of admission.
  7. A personal interview (at the student’s expense) with a faculty member who teaches in the doctoral program.
  8. Three (3) letters of recommendation from professionals familiar with the applicant’s professional qualifications are required. Letters should be on professional letterhead and address the applicant’s qualifications.  Recommendations must come from professionals, such as, the applicant’s most recent employer, a previous nursing professor, supervisors and/or nurse managers.
  9. Approval of the Graduate Admissions, Scholarships and Standards Committee of the School of Nursing
  10. A copy of your State or Federal ID

Please forward all admissions packages and supplemental documentation to:

Hampton U Online
Attn:  HUO Graduate Admissions
PO Box 6227
Hampton, Virginia 23668

Official Transcripts sent through a transcript network may be sent to
Unofficial/Opened/Scanned transcripts will not be accepted for graduate programs

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