Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (PhD)

The PhD in Business Administration is designed for professionals who desire an advanced degree in business to excel in their careers. In addition, the program responds to current MBA or technical graduate students aspiring to become consultants or professors. The program also appeals to existing professionals who aspire to an advanced degree to enhance leadership roles in administrative positions. This program is suitable for busy professionals seeking an advanced degree in business to increase their credentials in their current or future industry role and/or for advancement in academia or entrance to academic.

CourseCourse TitleCourse TypeCredit Hours
BLAO 701ROrganizational BehaviorResidency3
BLAO 703RAdvanced Computer ApplicationsResidency3
BLAO 704RAdvanced Topics in ResearchResidency3
BLAO 740Managerial EconomicsResidency3
BLAO 706Teaching MethodologyOnline1
BLAO 702ROrganization Theory and PracticeResidency3
BLAO 705R/ 760Behavioral Research MethodsResidency3
BLAO 706R/ 761Empirical Research MethodsResidency3
*BLAO 707R/ 762Pre-Proposal PresentationResidency3
Article CompletionRegister for Pre-proposal3
Comprehensive Exam3
BLAO 800RDissertation IOnline8
**BLAO 810RDissertation IIOnline and Formal Presentation4
Total Credit Hours:61Maximum Credit Hours:81

Students enrolled in the program may select six graduate level courses
that will result in at least 18 hours of subject matter in a discipline at the graduate level.

Minor Coursework Electives Pertain to the following tracks:
Accounting & Finance
Management & Marketing

* A maximum of 12 credit hours can be earned in this course by taking it
for four semesters
** A maximum of 24 credit hours can be earned in this course by taking it
for six semesters


All PhD in Business Administration students are required to complete two summer residencies during their program. Students will be in residence on the Hampton University main campus for 4 weeks during the mid July through Mid August period of the first and second years of their program.

This residency accounts for 24 credit hours.

The required four courses in research preparatory skills are designed to prepare students to create a required publishable paper at the completion of the first year and a dissertation proposal which will subsequently be done completely on line.

Online Coursework

During the fall and spring semesters students will take six graduate level courses online to establish 18 credit hours in the discipline. Students will also complete six hours of minor coursework.

For those students continually in residence, up to 6 credit hours of the six graduate level courses will be accepted to fulfill “discipline” requirements.


Admission into the PhD in Business Administration program is open to all students seeking an advanced degree.

Preferred students would possess a master’s degree in an approved program. Otherwise, nine credits in master level prerequisite business courses will be required in Economics, Accounting, and Quantitative Business Analysis.

All prospective PHD students must take the GMAT and score at least 400, for admission into the Hampton University PhD in Business Administration, if they have not done so within the past five years. Students with a MBA who previously (within five years) scored 400 or greater on the GMAT, are not required to retake the examination but must submit score. All students must submit three letters of recommendation, have three years of relevant work experience, and submit a prepared Statement of Career/Professional plans. Students lacking undergraduate or graduate degrees in business may be required to take up to 9 hours of prerequisites. If needed, this work can be taken concurrent with required PhD coursework.

Up to six credits of minor coursework may be accepted for professional relevant life experience.

Students will be required to complete dissertation requirements within 6 semesters (3 years) of the first
enrollment in the dissertation seminar.


  • GMAT score of at least 400
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume with 3 Years of Relevant Work Experience
  • Statement of Career/Professional Plans
  • A copy of your State or Federal ID
  • Transcripts from All Previously Attended Institutions

Application Deadlines

This program now offers rolling admissions. Application deadlines are for each cohort. If the cohort is full, or if the cohort does not meet the minimum student requirement, you will be considered for the next cohort. 

Fall I – June 30th (Starts August)
Fall II – August 30th (Starts October)
Spring III – November 15th (Starts January)
Spring IV – January 30th  (Starts March)
Summer – April 15th (Starts end of May)

Please forward all admissions packages and supplemental documentation to:

Hampton U Online
Attn:  HUO Graduate Admissions
PO Box 6227
Hampton, Virginia 23668

Official Transcripts sent through a transcript network may be sent to
Unofficial/Opened/Scanned transcripts will not be accepted for graduate programs

Course Details

  • Cost Per Credit – $695
  • Course Length – 16 weeks
  • Degree Credits – 61
  • Degree Length – 3.5 years

Financial Aid


For more information about the PhD in Business Administration program, please contact:

Dr. Nikki Finley
Hampton University School of Business

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