Internship Information


Where can I get the internship forms?

Internship forms can be downloaded from the links above.

What are the internship requirements?

All the requirements can be found in the SHSJC Internship Handbook.

What is the difference between the internship coordinator and the internship supervisor?

The internship coordinator is the person at your school who approves your internship (usually the assistant dean). The internship supervisor is the person who works at the media organization who will serve as your immediate supervisor. Make sure the supervisor does not sign where the coordinator needs to sign.

How can I get my internship approved?

  1. Complete the internship contract.
  2. Have your internship supervisor sign the internship contract.
  3. Submit the signed contract to the internship coordinator for approval and signature. The signed contract can be emailed to Assistant Dean Carol Crabbe (
  4. With the contract, submit a written paragraph describing your internship duties and hours.
  5. The internship coordinator will send approval notification via email to you within two days of receiving the completed contract and description of internship duties and hours.
  6. Your contract will be kept on file in your student academic folder.
  7. Make sure you follow all requirements as outlined on the SHSJC Internship Handbook.

My internship supervisor needs a letter verifying that I will earn academic credit. How do I get the letter?

  1. Email your request and include the name of the supervisor, supervisor’s title, name of organization, organization’s complete mailing address and the supervisor’s email to
  2. Once the request is received, a letter of verification on school letterhead will be emailed to the internship supervisor.

What is the difference between earning internship academic credit, course credit and graduation credit?

Refer to the SHSJC Internship Handbook for an explanation.

If I still have questions, who do I contact?

Contact Assistant Dean Carol Crabbe via email at

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