Strategic Communication Curriculum

We prepare our Strategic Communication students for multifaceted careers in public relations, corporate communications and strategic messaging. They are required to develop solid journalistic skills, including reporting, writing and news judgment. They learn to conduct reliable research, to function as professional spokespeople, to develop public relations campaigns and to build strong corporate and community relationships.
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Freshman Year

Fall CoursesCreditsSpring CoursesCredits
ENG 101 Written Communication I3ENG 102 Written Com II3
MAT 110 College Math II or higher3COM 103 Oral Communication3
UNV 101 The Individual and Life1HEA 200 Health Ed or two PED classes2
* Natural Science3SOC 205 Intro to Sociology3
JAC 101 Media in a Multicultural Society3JAC 110 Intro to Media Writing3
JAC 105 Grammar & AP Style3JAC 200 Visual Media3

Sophomore Year

Fall CoursesCreditsSpring CoursesCredits
JAC 220 Principles of Public Relations3JAC 320 PR Campaigns & Media Brand Marketing3
JAC 210 Reporting & News Writing3JAC 265 Intro to Radio/TV3
HUM 201 Humanities I3HUM 202 Humanities II or sub3
Minor/Area of Emphasis course3MES 130 Environ Science or SCI 102 Physical Science3
CSC 120 Intro to Computers3HIS 106 World Civilizations II3

Junior Year

Fall CoursesCreditsSpring CoursesCredits
JAC 330 Social and Multimedia Analytics3JAC 410 Content Editing3
** JAC Specialized Skills3** JAC Specialized Skills3
POL 201 Intro to Political Science3*** JAC Elective3
PSY 203 Intro to Psychology3PHI 210 Logic/Scientific Method or sub3
Minor/Area of Emphasis course3Minor/Area of Emphasis course3

Senior Year

Fall CoursesCreditsSpring CoursesCredits
JAC 404 Media Ethics or JAC 405 Media Law3*** JAC Elective3
JAC 495 Senior Capstone (Strategic Communication)3Minor/Area of Emphasis course3
ETR 210 Intro to Entrepreneurship3Liberal Arts/Science elective3
Minor/Area of Emphasis course3Liberal Arts/Science elective3
Minor/Area of Emphasis course3

TOTAL Credits: 120

* Choose ONE of the following: APS 101 Weather and Climate, APS 102 Natural Disasters, APS 105 Elements of Astronomy, APS 106 Astronomy of Stars and Galaxies, BIO 101 Nature of Life, BIO 103 General Biology, CHE 101 General Chemistry, SCI 102 Introduction to Physical Science, SCI 104 Introduction to Physical Science (Lab attached), SCI 203 Introduction to Nanoscience, MES 102 Earth & Ocean Systems, MES 130 Introduction to Environmental Science.

** Choose any TWO of the following: JAC 420 Media Research, JAC 430 Advanced Media Analytics, JAC 453 Digital Media Innovation.

*** Choose any TWO from JAC courses listed in the Program of Study not taken and from the following: JAC 230 Principles of Advertising, JAC 260 Script Writing, JAC 301 Web Design and Production, JAC 305 Visual Communication, JAC 307 Digital Photography and Imaging, JAC 310 Advanced Reporting/Newswriting, JAC 340 Broadcast Newswriting, JAC 403 Media Entrepreneurship, JAC 406 Media Management, JAC 407 Pop Culture in Media, JAC 408 Sports Journalism, JAC 412 Feature and Editorial Storytelling, JAC 414 Business Journalism, JAC 425 Photojournalism, JAC 425 Crisis Communication, JAC 427 Event Management, JAC 440 News Production JAC 445 Animation & Motion Graphics, JAC 450 Special Topics, JAC 451 Specialized Skills, JAC 452 International Journalism and Communications, JAC 454 Civil Rights Era and the Media, JAC 460 Independent Study in Journalism and Communications, JAC 465 Internship in Journalism and Communications, JAC 467 Practicum in Journalism and Communications.

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