Financial Aid Stipend Policy

Because Stipends are paid directly to you (student) here at HU, it is vitally important that you understand the following institutional policy statements noted below (1-4):

  1. The Financial Aid Office considers your stipend award as a part of your overall financial aid package, which should be used first and foremost, to help pay your direct cost or past due balance owed to the University. If you choose to use your stipend (internal or external) award for personal use, you may still owe direct cost to the University and, in some cases, you may not be eligible to receive any additional financial aid to cover the balance owed, if such amounts violate institutional or federal student aid guidelines, as determined by the Financial Aid Office.
  2. University Admissions Scholarship Policy states: The total financial package for students who receive scholarships through the Office of Admission, the Athletic Department, and/or Academic Departments; the sum total of all gift aid (i.e. grants, scholarships, stipends, and other assistance), regardless of source, cannot exceed the direct cost (tuition, fees, room and board) of education at the University. In such cases, the scholarship award will be reduced appropriately.
  3. To ensure institutional program compliance with all financial assistance programs, to include student aid awarded through either internal or external grants, contracts and sponsored programs, the Financial Aid Office is the final AUTHORITY for interpretation and enforcement of policy at the University.
  4. Hampton University reserves the right to change its above-referenced policies without prior notice.