Apply for Aid — Virginia Grants and Scholarships

The Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG)

This grant is administered by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) and provides assistance to domiciled residents of Virginia attending certain colleges in the state, such as Hampton University, on a *full-time basis.

VTAG award projections will always be estimated awards until a final State budget is approved and passed. Please keep in mind that the VTAG is subject to change based on State budgetary needs.

“Beginning with the fall of 2021, students enrolled in an online education or distance learning program are eligible to receive awards from the Tuition Assistance Grant Program at a reduced rate. * However, students enrolled in online education or distance learning programs as of the 2019-20 academic year shall remain eligible to receive awards of up to $3,400 ($1,700 for graduate students) for no more than four years as long as remaining continuously enrolled and meeting all other eligibility criteria

Estimated 2023-24 amount:

  • For eligible students attending classes via in-person (not online) instruction: $12,500 for both Undergraduates and Graduates
  • For eligible students newly attending classes via online/distance learning instruction: $10,000 for both Undergraduates and Graduates
  • * For eligible students enrolled in online education or distance learning programs as of the 2019-20 academic year: Undergraduate = $10,900 Graduate = $9,200

The general eligibility criteria include:

  • Complete the 2024-25 VTAG Application (PDF) ▶
  • Must be a Virginia domiciled resident
  • Must not have moved to Virginia for the purposes of attending post-secondary school
  • Awarded to qualifying eligible degree programs/majors only
  • *Requires full-time enrollment (unless approved to receive the funds at less-than-full-time during the last semester of a degree program)
  • Students who have received VTAG in the preceding academic year do not need to submit a new application. Only students who have not received VTAG at all, did not receive the preceding academic year, or moving from undergraduate to graduate should re-apply.
  • Submit the VTAG application to our office on or before the established deadlines:
    • Category 2 – July 31st, 2024 (receives priority over Categories 3 & 4)
    • Category 3 – August 1st – September 14th, 2024
    • Category 4 – by December 1st, 2024
  • Other criteria apply, subject to change
  • VTAG Fact Sheet (PDF) ▶

Students must submit their VTAG Application to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships by U.S. mail and by delivering to our office in person. No faxes will be accepted. We will use the date the VTAG application is received to determine the category, if received by December 1st, not the date the application was signed.

Hampton University
Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
200 William R. Harvey Way
Hampton, VA 23668

Graduate Degree Programs and VTAG

Eligible graduate level programs for VTAG are limited to CIP code 51 programs, per SCHEV regulation. CIP 51 programs are related to health professions and consist of allied health, nursing, pharmacy, communicative sciences and disorders, physical therapy, medical science, and emergency medical systems management.