Students Showcase HU Sports in Documentary

Hampton University has emerged and become a prominent source for scholars and athletes to make positive impacts on and off campus. Hampton has birthed great names such as Booker T. Washington, Mary Jackson, DJ Envy and Wanda Sykes. We have also had notable athletes such as Francena McCorory, Rick Mahorn, Bob Mann, Jacqie McWilliams, and Marcus Dixon. In their documentary the students discuss the university’s entrance into the Colonial Athletic Association, and the new sports programs and how they enable the students to become athletes and leaders. Throughout this project the students were able to assess the complexities of film, animation and investigative journalism to create a basic narrative. This film was nominated by the Coca Cola Foundation for a Sports Emmy in 2022. The film was developed by Kare Greene, director and producer; Samiyah Hall, writer and producer and Misa Cunhs, animator. Professor Willie Moore served as the faculty advisor.

Watch “Emergence”:

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