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Participation Opportunities & Departmental Scholarships

     Faculty and students are engaged in research that enhances the quality of teaching and performance. Musical excellence, superior performance and academic success are what our professors and students strive for. Faculty and student creative productivity includes published articles, books, original musical compositions, musical arrangements, digital recordings, regional and national public recitals and concerts, live and studio recordings and technological innovation.

Music Performing Ensembles

     The Hampton University performing ensembles strive to provide a high level of musical experiences for its members. These organizations provide music for various University functions on and off campus under the umbrella of the Department of Music and Performing Arts. These ensembles include:

  • The Marching F.O.R.C.E. *
  • Symphonic Winds *
  • Concert Band
  • Pep Band
  • Low Brass Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Jazz Band, Big Band, and Combos *
  • The University Choir
  • Concert Choir *
  • HIS Chosen Sounds *
  • University Chamber Orchestra *

* Auditions required for participation in these ensembles.

Music Program Requirements

The Department of Music is an institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

  • Comprehensive Examination
    Each music major is required to take a comprehensive examination (concurrent with the Major Performance 307 course). This examination will determine the type of exit project required for graduation: a basic recital, honors recital or artist recital.
  • Performance Requirements
    Music majors and minors are required to enroll in a major/minor performance class and a major ensemble each semester until their performance requirements are met. Additionally, students are required to perform in a minimum of one recital each semester and pass a jury examination before the faculty at the end of each semester.
  • Senior Recitals
    The exit requirement for music majors is the senior recital which should be performed during the 407 or 408 major performance course level.
  • Required Attendance
    Music majors are required to attend workshops, seminars, and recitals. Students will received the “S” grade in Recital Attendance 101 (RCT) for attendance of a minimum of 8 activities each of the six semesters.
  • Grades in Major
    All music majors and minors are required to pass music courses with a grade of “C” or better.
  • Fees
    Music majors and music minors who take private lessons will be assessed $35.00 per one hour applied lesson and $17.50 per half-hour lesson (non-music majors or non-minor are also assessed for private lessons) accordingly.
    • Music majors are assessed $50.00 per semester for piano/organ practice facilities.

Special Summer Programs

Music Departmental Scholarships

¬† ¬† ¬†Hampton University offers music scholarships to qualified students. Music scholarships are not designed to pay all of the expenditures for attending Hampton University, but to help defray some of those expenditures. First-time scholarship awards are based primarily on the performance ability of the student. Subsequent awards are based on the student’s musical growth, commitment to the field of music, and demonstrated performance ability.

Qualifying for a Music Scholarship

     After being accepted to the University, complete this Music Scholarship Application form and schedule an audition. Students submitting virtually via video for their audition may receive a conditional award based on their performance. However, they will be required to re-audition upon arrival on campus to receive the actual award.




Department of Music
Scholarship Talent Award

Freshmen,  Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Music Majors are eligible.

Band Scholarships

Open to all majors based on talent and need of organization.


R. Nathaniel Dett
Music Scholarship

Music majors based on talent and good academic standing.

Rufus B. and Evelyn
Easter Music Scholarship

Eligible on a talent and need.

Charles Flax Music Scholarship

Freshman Music Majors with 3.0 GPA or higher.

Choir Scholarships

Open to all students based on ensemble need and talent.

Orchestra Scholarships

Open to all students based on ensemble and talent.

 Performing Arts

     There are a number of opportunities that a performing arts student has in addition to a stellar education. From visiting artists, captivating theatrical performances and thrilling musicals; culture is all around. Creativity burns brightest when it is fed by the arts. Hampton University Arts students will have the opportunity to engage with their medium in a frequent and all-encompassing manner.