Internship, shadowing, and mentoring experiences are essential to the development of a student’s future career. Psychology may well be the most versatile major there is, if only judging from our students’ internship experiences

Psychology majors at Hampton have interned with financial firms, government agencies, clinicians, physicians, summer camps, nonprofits, and school systems. Our freshman advisors will begin pushing the idea of internships from the moment they first meet with their new advisees in the fall. Our department regularly shares internship opportunities with our students and is continuing the work of establishing pipelines in a variety of areas.

Besides shadowing physicians and therapists, Psychology Majors at Hampton University have interned at:

  • The State Department
  • White House HBCU Initiative
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Deer Rehabilitation Services (Chicago, Ill)
  • American Institutes for Research
  • Breakthrough Collaborative (Birmingham, AL)
  • Public Policy Center (University of Iowa)
  • DC Children’s Law Center 
  • Agape Foundation (VA)
  • Summer Research Opportunities Program (University of Iowa)
  • National Park Service (Accounting)
  • Hampton University President’s Office


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