About SLAE

The School of Liberal Arts and Education is a progressive learning community dedicated to helping students reach their potential personally and professionally, and to addressing global and societal needs. As members of our school family, our students learn to use research, scholarship, and art to improve human life conditions, uplift communities, and serve the underserved. We are the place where the academy and the community meet.

As the largest and most diverse School at Hampton University, we offer a broad range of academic disciplines and programs designed to engage the contemporary minds of our students and to prepare and position them for success in the global marketplace. Our academic programs have long-standing reputations for excellence, innovation, and cultural relevance, and for preparing students for graduate school and any career.

Our student-centered and accomplished faculty members guide, assist, support and encourage our students as they engage their intellect, interests, and passions in ways that will give them a hunger for lifelong learning and service.

We provide our students with the foundational knowledge and skills that make them productive global citizens and leaders, as well as social scientists, doctors, attorneys, politicians, writers, psychologists, crime scene investigators, artists, musicians, performers, graphic designers, filmmakers, scholars, and educators.