Child Development Center

Child Development Center

The Hampton University Child Development Center is located in the Eva C. Mitchell Building on beautiful, Historic Hampton University, Hampton VA.

We are a nationally recognized Early Childhood Education Center  and we extend a warm welcome to any child between the ages of  2 1/2 to 5 who wishes to become part of a program that offers quality learning and care to a diverse population.

The Hampton University Child Development Center is a full-time program open weekdays from 7:30 am to 5:25 pm.  The school day registered program is from 8:30 am until 4 pm and runs from September through June.  We also offer a summer program. 

Under the Directorship of Joy L. Hernandez, M.S., Ed., assisted by highly qualified staff and teachers, the Center has thrived, and been named Best Childcare in Hampton Roads FOUR YEARS IN A ROW.  Joy herself has received several awards regarding her work in Early Childhood Education, Dual Language, and Community Service fields.  

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Benefits Overview

•          Spacious classroom settings

•          Classroom furniture and bathrooms scaled to size for young children

•          An isolation room with a bed for children with emergency illnesses

•          A cot for each child and locker to keep personal belongings

•          Puzzles, books, tricycles, blocks, easels, crayons, animals, dolls, a puppet stage, technology

•          Computers in each classroom

•          Observation booths with one-way mirrors

•          Breakfast, lunch, and snacks

•          Field trips

•          Access to University facilities such as museum and library

•          A research-based curriculum that focuses on reading and math literacy consistent with the Virginia Foundation Blocks for Early Learning and the Milestones of Development

The Center consists of modern instructional spaces equipped with discrete observation rooms and restrooms inside each classroom, a dedicated Reading Room, the main office, and both indoor and outdoor play spaces.

Child Development Center Curriculum and Instruction

The Hampton University Child Development Center uses a theme-based, child-centered curriculum that meets the individual needs of children. The curriculum is process-oriented and focuses on children learning skills and behaviors that help them to be successful, life-long learners. The curriculum is developmentally advantageous for the ages and stages of growth and development of children served by the Center.

We are proud to offer programs in our curriculum including vocabulary building, mathematics, science, history, social sciences, STEAM, music, Spanish, and American Sign Language. The children are introduced to different ethnicities, customs, and cultures.  We incorporate in our activities ‘Let’s Have An Adventure!’ trips to the acclaimed Hampton University Museum and other fun and educational projects in this historic area.

Program Goals

Learning Programs 

At the Hampton University Child Development Center, our philosophy is that all children should experience success in an environment that is based on a high quality curriculum and rich in interactions with teachers, peers, parents, and other members of the community. Our program is committed to working with the whole family and actively collaborating with university and community resources. The children are surrounded by historical and cultural buildings, people and programs. Located in the downtown Hampton community also provides rich experiences for the students. 

Additionally, we provide a site for work study and college students in the education and medical care fields to have hands on experiences with young children.  We have the advantage of many wonderful Volunteers from the University who contribute their time and talents to our Center and the children. 

Hampton University is one of the finest private universities in the USA, dedicated to the promotion of learning, building of character, and preparation of promising students for positions of leadership and service.  Its curriculum emphasis is scientific and professional with a strong liberal arts foundation.  In carrying out its mission, the University builds character and ignites in students a passion for life and infinite possibilities.

Child Development Center Information for Parents

Tuition and Fees

The weekly tuition for the Child Development Center is $150. If a family enrolls more than one child the cost is $135 per additional child.    EFT withdrawal each month for tuition is required. 

Registration is $100 per year. For each additional child in a family, the cost is $50 per child.

If parents are Hampton University alumni, administrators, faculty, staff, or students, they receive a 10% discount on the weekly rate.  

Admissions Policy

Admission to the program is open to children of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the Hampton Roads Community.

•  Parents who are interested in enrolling their child in the Child Development Center should call the Child Development Center Office at 757 727 5698 for more information.

•  Acceptance is based on the availability of space for the age and developmental readiness level of the applicant child. Priority in moving children into open spaces is given to children who are currently enrolled in our centers.

Parents will be contacted to begin the application process when a place is available for their child. Parents will be given a 24-hour window to accept or decline the space.

Hampton University Child Development Center

Joy L. Hernandez, Director

Eva C. Mitchell Hall

Hampton, Virginia 23668

Phone: (757) 727-5698