Psychology students at Hampton University have a variety of research foci to explore, at different levels. Students can experience everything from being a subject in a study (with approval from the Institutional Review Board), disseminating surveys and taking measurements, as well as designing new research approaches in collaboration with our professors. Here are just a few of the research projects already underway in the Department of Psychology at Hampton University.


Dr. Kwame M. Brown

Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown’s students are investigating the correlations between academic cognition, entrepreneurial intent, and cultural background. The results of this research will be used to inform educational programs and government policies designed to expand opportunities to participate in the economy. Dr. Brown is also exploring how educational approaches affect the development of propensity toward innovation in adolescents/young adults.



Dr. Richard Dixon

Dr. Dixon

Dr. R. Davis Dixon is an assistant professor of developmental psychology. Currently, Dr. Dixon conducts research that explores how to create safe and welcoming school environments by affirming the identity and humanity of students of color. Under this umbrella, Dr. Dixon is interested in validating a cultural Identity scale for college students; predicting student academic outcomes as a function of their perceptions of mattering, belonging, and trust; and exploring the match/mismatch between student and teacher perceptions of school climate and the subsequent academic outcomes that stem from these perceptions. Students can join a group of us working on validating a scale on cultural identity and exploring how it relates to student academic well-being (belonging, trust, mattering).



Dr. Michael Reed

Dr. Reed

Dr. Reed conducts research on mood disorders and trauma in Adolescents & young adults, behavior modification and special education, and autism coping & Resilience. Applied interests include School Psychology & learning, Group Counseling & Cognitive Therapy, and Health Promotion. He currently has a student research group that is primarily focused on mood and trauma. Coming soon: a second student research group investigating small behavior modification and health promotion projects.