The Department of Education and the Department of Sports Science and Wellness offers experiential focused curricula leading to teacher or leader licensure for the following degrees: 


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – in Interdisciplinary Studies (with option leading to endorsement in Elementary Education (Housed in Department of Education)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) – in Health and Physical Education (Housed in the Department of Sports Science and Wellness)


  • Master of Teaching (M.T.) in Secondary Education in Biology, English, Mathematics, or Music (Housed in Department of Education)
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Educational Leadership – with Pk-12 and higher education concentrations (Housed in Department of Education
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Educational Management  – Is an online doctoral program that contains concentrations in PK-12 education, higher education, STEM leadership, and special education administration. (Housed in Department of Education) 

All licensure programs meet Virginia State Certification requirements and are state-approved programs.  All Education programs are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and have received its highest commendations.

Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Educational Management Concentrations

1. STEM Leadership – This interdisciplinary program will prepare future PK-12 instructional leaders or college faculty whose research focuses on teaching and learning. Candidates accepted into this concentration must hold a degree in a STEM area and approved by the School of Science or the School of Engineering and Technology depending upon the focus of study. Coursework will center on graduate-level courses in the discipline area, a common core of educational management courses, STEM education courses, and additional courses focused on research training. This concentration will require (5) additional courses below:

  • History of STEM Education
  • History of Mathematics
  • STEM Curriculum and Instruction
  • Learning Sciences and Technology
  • Grant Writing

The candidate’s dissertation research will be supervised by an interdisciplinary team of faculty and will investigate teaching and learning across STEM disciplines. Graduate committee membership will include faculty from the Educational Management program and from the STEM disciplines.  

2.  Special Education Leadership – This concentration will provide career development for special education teachers for leadership positions in special education research (emphasis on data interpretation, conclusions and ramifications), practice (emphasis on empirically, research-based interventions) and policy (emphasis on codifying research and practice for effective implementation) to best serve children, youth and adults with disabilities. Candidates accepted into this concentration must be practicing professionals in special education. Graduates will be prepared to assume positions of leadership as administrators who are charged with organizing and administering educational programs for students with disabilities in a school or school district or research setting. This concentration will require (5) additional courses below: 

  • History of Special Education
  • Special Ed Admin, Teacher Sup and Evaluation 
  • Special Education Law and Finance
  • Special Ed Curriculum and Instructional Strategies 
  • Current Issues in Special Education

3. Higher Education-This concentration is focused on the challenges and means for addressing the rapidly evolving post secondary environment including – finances, technology, access, sustainability, quality and outcomes. It is geared toward practitioners seeking upper level positions in higher education and opportunities in academia.

4. PK-12 Administration (District-level leadership and beyond) This concentration is focused on the challenges and means for addressing the major issues facing K-12 leaders, such as out- Hampton University 2016-2018 The Graduate College 215 comes assessment, teacher quality, access, finances, technology, school choice, charter movement. It is geared toward education administrators focused on obtaining leadership and practical research skills necessary to effectively lead at the highest organizational levels in K-12.

 See Curriculum Page for all course outlines