The Department of English and Foreign Languages has had an ongoing relationship with the Advanced Studies in England (“ASE”) program for over a decade. The program offers US students the opportunity to study for a semester, year, or summer in Bath, England. The Department of English and Foreign Languages also offers the Dr. Margaret Lee Scholarship to help travel expenses associated with the program. More information about the ASE program can be found at  http://www.studyabroadbath.org/main/ 

In conjunction with the International Studies office, professors have conducted shorter trips to other countries to study culture and literature. Most recently, Dr. Karima Jeffrey traveled with students to Cuba as a part of this program.



The Department of English and Foreign Languages is also working with its students to participate in the North American Language and Culture Assistants Program. This is not an HU program, though. It is an agreement between Spanish and USA governments to exchange junior and seniors students to work and practice in Spain, while teaching English. American students go to Spain to work for the Spanish public system. There is a contract between the Spanish government and the student, who will work approximately 15 hours weekly as a Teaching Assistant and receive teacher training, a certificate at the end of the year, and a stipend of €700.00 monthly (2018-2019). The Spanish faculty is available to advise on cities in Spain, as well as other opportunities. The HU International Office can offer, at the same time, a Study Abroad program.