Chairs Welcome Statement

“A slogan said by a colleague, who was President of the American Psychological Association at the time, when talking about our wonderful profession was “Psychology every day and in every way”. I thought of how profound this simple statement was, and is. Its meaning transcends the few words conveyed. Psychology is in all that we do. Psychology is about thought and behavior. It is in our choices from waking in the morning to all activities and interactions during the day, our quiet moments, and each encounter and relationship. The reality of Psychology is inescapable. Even if you tried not to use Psychology, it is still there. Also, others will inevitably rely on the use of Psychology in their interactions with you.


On a personal note, the field of Psychology has provided me with amazing career opportunities. It has allowed me to learn and understand more deeply about human behavior, evaluation, assessment, research, counseling, and psychotherapy. My depth of experience in the study of Psychology has allowed me to be a clinician (Clinical Psychologist); a role in which I worked with the National Football League assigned to the New England Patriots. It has led me to work with the families of the victims of 9/11 as well as with the survivors, and their family members, of the Boston Marathon Bombing. I have published research and produced a film. Psychology has allowed me to teach some of the brightest students in the world across several universities, including right here at Hampton University. These are just a few of the many opportunities this field has afforded me.


Our Department is welcoming, with outstanding, scholarly, and caring faculty. We care about your success and will be there for you in achieving the success you seek. We offer a standard Core Psychology Curriculum, including a strong emphasis on research and practice that will prepare you for competitive graduate programs. We also house a unique Premedical Psychology Concentration that will prepare you for medical schools. We have had students go on to the top graduate schools and top medical schools in the nation. Also, Psychology can prepare you for professional schools, including law school.


With a degree in Psychology, the world is open to you. It just depends on what you want and a question of whether you are willing to work to make your dreams come true. Remember, “Psychology every day and in every way”. We will be there with you at every step.”

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Dr. Kermit Crawford Chair, Psychology Department

Phone: 757-727-5301