Academic Programs

Department of Counseling

Graduate Programs: MA in Counseling with a Concentration in General Counseling, Ed.S in Counseling, and PhD in Counseling Education and Supervision.

Department of Education

Undergraduate Programs: Interdisciplinary Studies (with option leading to endorsement in Elementary Education)

Graduate Majors: Master in Teaching (M.T.) (5th year) a) Music – Vocal or b) Music-Instrumental or c) Math or d) Biology or e) English, Master of Arts (M.A.) in Educational Leadership (Online or On Campus), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Educational Management (with concentrations in a. PK-12; b. Higher Education; c. STEM; and d. Special Education (Online)

Department of English and Foreign Languages

Undergraduate Programs:          English (with concentrations in a. Creative Writing; b. Film Studies and c. Arts and English (5th year Master in Teaching)

Department of Music and Performing Arts

Undergraduate Programs:  Music with emphasis in Performance, Music (Pre-Certification), Music with emphasis in Music Recording Technology, Music with emphasis in Audio Production and Theatre (with concentrations in a. Performance and b. Technical Theatre)

Department of Political Science and History

Undergraduate Programs: History, International Studies, International Studies (with concentrations in a. International Relations and b.  Latin American and Caribbean Studies) and Political Science

Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Programs: Psychology, Psychology (with concentrations in a. Marriage and Family Studies and b. Pre-Medicine)

Graduate Programs: Master of Science in General Psychology

Department of Sociology

Undergraduate Majors: Sociology (with concentrations in a. Race, Class and Gender; b. International Sociology, c. Social Policy and d. Criminology), Criminal Justice, and Cyber Security (Criminal Justice)

Department of Sports Science and Wellness

Undergraduate Majors: Kinesiology and Sports Management.

Graduate Majors: Sports Administration

Concentration: Aquatics (open to All majors)