Research is an integral part of all the three programs in the Department of Social Sciences. Students in sociology and criminal justice are required to take SOC 250 (Introduction to Social Research), SOC 350 (Advanced Social Research), SOC 453 (Senior Thesis), SOC 454 (Senior Seminar) and SOC 346 (Statistics). In these courses, students learn the basics of scientific research, the art of developing a sound research proposal, methods of scientific analysis, and the techniques of writing a scientific research paper. With more than 1,200 computers in the libraries and different laboratories of the university, students have ample opportunities to engage themselves in the doing of scientific research. In addition, students can jointly research, publish, and present papers in professional organizations with many of the departmental faculty. The Department of Social Sciences carries an active research agenda in the areas of minority health disparities, minority youth violence, women in prison, comparative criminal justice, US crime policy, cybersecurity, and sociology of women, race, and ethnicity. The department currently has a major research funding from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).


Hampton University Professor, Dr. Zina McGee, Publishes Her First Book on the Victimization of Women and Children

Dr. Zina McGee

Dr. Zina McGee, endowed university professor for the Hampton University Department of Sociology, recently published a powerful anthology, her first book, entitled, “Silenced Voices: Readings in Violence and Victimization.”

The anthology provides students with insightful readings that center on the experiences of women, children and others who are often silenced and victimized in their homes and communities.


Dr. Shahid M. Shahidullah, Hampton University Sociology Professor and Department Chair, Publishes Sixth Book      

Dr. Shahid Shahidullah

Dr. Shahid M. Shahidullah, Hampton University’s Department of Sociology chair and professor, recently published his sixth book, “Crime, Criminal Justice, and the Evolving Science of Criminology in South Asia: India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.” This new book examines many issues and challenges for reforming and modernizing criminal justice in South Asia.


Book Title: Silenced Voices - Readings in Violence and Victimization                Book Title: Crime, Criminal Justice, and the Evolving Science of Criminology in South Asia


Book Title: Crime Policy in America               Book Title: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems


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