Amazon Awards 52 Hampton University School of Business Students with Scholarships

Hampton, VA – April 2, 2024 –In a significant initiative to foster educational opportunities and prepare students for the digital age, Amazon has awarded 52 scholarships totaling $100,000 to students of the Hampton University School of Business. This collaboration signifies Amazon’s commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting digital literacy among the next generation of business leaders.

The partnership between Amazon and the Hampton University Department of Marketing aims to equip students with the necessary skills to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. As part of this endeavor, students continue to participate in Amazon’s digital certification course, providing them with invaluable insights and practical knowledge.

“We are grateful to Amazon and look forward to the opportunities this collaboration brings to our students,” said Hampton University President Darrell K. Williams. “These scholarships will encourage our students to excel in the digital economy and make meaningful contributions to the business world.”

Ziette Hayes, Ph.D., dean of the Hampton University School of Business, emphasized the significance of this collaboration.

 “The support from Amazon underscores our commitment to providing our students with access to cutting-edge resources and opportunities,” said Hayes. “These scholarships will undoubtedly open doors for our students and pave the way for their success in the digital realm.”

Leading the initiative from the Department of Marketing, Vahwere Kavota, Ph.D., department chair, expressed his gratitude towards Amazon for recognizing the potential of Hampton University students.

 “We are honored to partner with Amazon in preparing our students for the future of business,” said Kavota. “This collaboration exemplifies our shared vision of fostering innovation and excellence in education.”

The scholarships awarded by Amazon represent a milestone in the ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between academia and industry, empowering students to thrive in a competitive global marketplace.


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