HU President Darrell K. Williams Releases First Annual Philanthropy Report to Recognize Pacesetter Giving, External Partnerships and Inspire the Next Generation of Philanthropists

Hampton, Va (December 15, 2023):          Today, Hampton University President Darrell K. Williams released his first annual Philanthropy Report which captures the increase in transformative gifts, record-breaking engagement, and the institution’s expanded philanthropic landscape. The report reflects the university’s commitment to enhancing Hampton’s financial position and increasing operational excellence.

Because tuition does not cover all the expenses of a university, funding comes from sources beyond students’ tuition, room, and board each year. We benefit from the philanthropy of our alumni and partners in many ways, from covering financial aid and operational costs and subsidizing tuition to reducing reliance on the government, funding research, and improving the overall quality of education at Hampton.

Building a Culture of Philanthropy

“We are building a culture of philanthropy, that’s embedded in transparency and accountability. It is my vision to create an environment in which everyone—advancement team, faculty, students, parents, staff, and alumni—understands how they play a role in raising funds in support of our shared mission of delivering the #1 student experience in America,” said HU President Darrell K. Williams. “The Philanthropy Report reflects our community’s dedication to fostering academic excellence and empowering the next generation of leaders.”

The report introduces the Samuel Chapman Armstrong Giving Society, a new pacesetter initiative that spotlights the giver, their giving philosophy, their ties to the university and their testimony about the impact of their giving which includes:

  • Helping maintain and enhance the quality of education and research.
  • Making higher education more accessible, shifting the recruiting process on talent, rather than financial means.
  • Fueling research and innovation that can lead to breakthroughs in various fields, benefiting not only the university but society at large.
  • Renovating campus facilities, including state-of-the-art laboratories, the Harvey Library, and the Student Center that can help enhance the learning environment.
  • Establishing endowed chairs and professorships, attracting top-tier faculty and experts to the university which raises the quality of education and research.
  • Serving as an employer of choice and a source of economic activity in this region.
  • Supporting cultural and arts programs that benefit both the university community and the broader public through concerts in Ogden Hall, art exhibitions in the University Museum, and performances across campus.
  • Providing long-term financial stability, ensuring that Hampton can continue to fulfill their missions for generations.
  • Allows Hampton to have a global reach, fostering international collaborations and partnerships.

“An engaged community that’s rooted in philanthropic values is at the heart and soul of everything we do,” said Evelyn Graham, vice president for Advancement and External Engagement. “Philanthropy is powerful, self-sustaining, and enables entirely new possibilities. The generosity of our community and the dedication of our donors are propelling Hampton University to new heights.” To view the digital version of the Philanthropy Report, click here.

About Hampton University

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