Letter from AD Anthony Henderson

Hampton Nation,

On Feb. 8, 2023, I humbly accepted the role of Director of Athletics at Hampton University, marking a significant milestone in my journey. My connection with Hampton goes beyond a mere professional commitment; it holds a special place in my heart, becoming integral to my personal and career narrative. 

Accepting the responsibility to lead Hampton’s athletic programs is an honor and a privilege. I hold immense respect and admiration for the institution, and the terms “rich legacy” and “new heights” signify my aspiration to build upon the existing foundation and propel the athletic programs to even greater accomplishments.

Approaching a year of service, I am excited to share the achievements and transformations we have accomplished within the Department of Athletics. Sharing our progress underscores what I hope you will see as my proactive and transparent approach to leadership. I believe in keeping the university community and stakeholders informed and fostering an environment of openness and inclusivity.  Hopefully this conveys my gratitude, honor, and enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to the university’s legacy and guide its athletic programs toward a future marked by continued success and growth. 

Moving on to our developments and achievements over the past year: 

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