Hampton Proton, the 8th Proton Cancer Facility in the Nation, is Leading the Next Era in Cancer Research and Treatment

HAMPTON, Va. (March 15, 2024) –     Hampton University is making another bold move to leverage technology, luminary researchers and multidisciplinary collaboration, underscoring its dedication to accelerating cancer research and care. The focus on bridging the gap between proton therapy radiation and cancer treatment methodologies highlights its commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical innovation.

Formerly known as the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute, the Hampton University Proton Cancer Institute (Hampton Proton), the nation’s eighth proton therapy facility, has set the standard for excellence in patient care and cutting-edge treatment. In line with its commitment to compassionate care and innovative research, Hampton Proton has introduced new branding to address patient needs. All marketing, advertising, and activities supporting this renewed focus will reflect the new name. An advertising campaign communicating this change will launch on March 18 across all channels and markets.

“In this next chapter for our facility, we reaffirm our dedication to research, advocacy and access,” said Hampton University President Darrell K. Williams. “The new name reflects our comprehensive focus on cancer care and research, emphasizing our commitment to innovation and excellence. This renewed focus presents incredible potential to improve patient outcomes, regardless of their zip code, and possibly reshape medical history.”

Embracing Core Values: Research, Advocacy and Access

Research: Hampton Proton is built upon decades of innovative nuclear and physics research that has allowed the center to make strides in delivering proton therapy and cancer treatment. The center’s contributions to research have positioned Hampton Proton to lead numerous qualitative studies and clinical trials that allow for greater patient outcomes, in addition to reducing health disparities and ensuring equitable access to this life-saving treatment. As the only proton center owned and operated by a historically Black college and university (HBCU), the facility is uniquely positioned to deliver culturally competent care to underserved communities.

Advocacy:  The institute actively collaborates with legislative and governmental bodies to propose and pass legislation aimed at eradicating health disparities and eliminating insurance discrimination, advocating for and ensuring equitable access to state-of-the-art care for all individuals.

Access:  At the forefront of Hampton Proton’s mission is the unwavering dedication of its staff to delivering precise, noninvasive proton therapy radiation treatment with compassionate care. The center recognizes the significance of ensuring equitable access to this innovative treatment for all who would benefit.

“I am incredibly proud of the work we’ve done to make Hampton Proton a leader in the field of proton therapy,” said MaryBeth Sullivan, executive director of Hampton Proton. The name change and associated rebrand reflect our comprehensive approach to cancer care and highlight our ongoing pursuit and dedication to providing innovative and compassionate care to those battling cancer, and support to their families.”

Summoning the Symbols of Success

The new Hampton University Proton Cancer Institute brand builds on its longstanding expertise and the 155-year legacy of excellence and innovation at Hampton University. The logo has been refreshed to highlight key elements that make the facility a unique treatment center that continues to draw patients and staff from across the globe.

“I am thrilled to steer the next chapter in Hampton Proton’s story,” said Tiffany Rodgers, director of marketing at Hampton Proton. “We have solid values and enjoy tremendous goodwill within our region. We aim to build on that relationship to further energize and inspire healthcare as we move into the future. The new name and logo represent an exciting evolution of the brand, evoking an emotional connection to the work and the people we serve, and acting as a powerful symbol of the foundational pillars of our institute.”

The new brand elements will be rolled out across all company materials, products, packaging and branding assets over time. Visit: www.hamptonproton.org.

ABOUT HAMPTON UNIVERSITY PROTON CANCER INSTITUTE  The Hampton University Proton Cancer Institute, Cancer and Research Center, (Hampton Proton) is a leading cancer treatment and research facility dedicated to advancing the fight against cancer. As pioneers in proton therapy and cutting-edge research, the facility provides compassionate care and precise treatments to patients while driving scientific discovery in the field of oncology. Headquartered in Hampton, Va., Hampton Proton, the eighth such center established in the country, is the only proton center owned and operated by a historically Black college and university (HBCU) and is committed to excellence in patient care guided by innovative research, advocacy, access to care and better outcomes. The institute treats several different types of cancer, including breast, prostate, pediatric, lung, head & neck, ocular, brain & spine and gastrointestinal. For more information, visit hamptonproton.org.