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HU Faculty & Staff forms

Forms for Hampton University employees are listed below. 

The update report submitted by academic deans, chairs, and directors provides a summary of significant activities relative to state, national and international programs, activities, speakers, student recognition, grantsmanship/research, strategic planning, and curricula/teaching innovations. This report is submitted each semester.

The Annual Report submitted by academic deans, chairs, and directors provide a more comprehensive summary than the Update Report. The Annual Report outlines extensive information regarding programs, activities, grantsmanship, student and faculty achievements, accomplishments and/or innovations, research, and curriculum changes for each academic unit. This report is due to the Provost on or before May 31.

Annual Report

The Budget Appropriation Request allows for Departments to make changes in budget lines as needed throughout the academic year.

Budget Transfer

Budget Waiver

One of several evaluation forms used to evaluate faculty performance. Refer to Faculty Handbook Section 3.10 – pg. 26 and Appendix C.

Classroom Observation Form

All faculty are contractually obligated to attend Faculty Meetings, Faculty Institutes (Fall/Winter/Spring), Convocation, Founder’s Day, Parent’s Weekend, Honors Day, and Commencement. Faculty must request to be excused (14) days prior to these event.

Request for Excuse from Formal University Events