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The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers undergraduate programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science and a graduate program leading to the degree of Master of Science in Chemistry.

There are three degree options within the undergraduate program:
B.S. in Chemistry, Biochemistry,
B.S. in Chemistry with a concentration in Forensic Chemistry.
The curriculum is designed to meet the guidelines of the American Chemical Society certifiable baccalaurate degrees, including instruction in inorganic chemistry, chemical analysis and instrumental methods of analysis, organic chemistry and physical chemistry. Courses have been designed not only to meet accreditation requirements, but also to allow students to develop a strong background in science. Therefore, appropriate courses are also required in cognate areas such as biology, physics, computer science and mathematics.

Chemistry majors are encouraged to participate in undergraduate reseach with Hampton University faculty and efforts to include work experiences at other laboratories are on-going. The department also encourages chemistry students to participate in professional organizations such as the American Chemical Society student affiliate, Beta Kappa Chi national scientific honor society, and the National Technical Association.

The department provides a high quality education in chemical principles appropriate to the needs of students from other disciplines and provides chemistry majors with a sound education in the fundamental areas of modern chemistry. A dedicated and highly trained faculty prepares students for advanced study in chemistry and other scientific disciplines by promoting academic achievement and providing state-of-the-

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I work on developing and running programs to build diversity in the aquatic sciences. My primary area of research is oxygen depletion and eutrophication in the Chesapeake Bay.

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