Communicative Sciences and Disorders - Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate program in Communicative Sciences and Disorders is designed to disseminate existing knowledge of speech, language, and hearing disorders, and to provide clinical experience in the recognition, prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of speech, language, and hearing disorders. The undergraduate program ultimately prepares students for graduate study in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology.

In the undergraduate program, students engage in a wide range clinical experiences under the direct supervision of ASHA certified faculty and clinical staff. These experiences include mass screenings, public education, diagnostic evaluations, individual therapy, and group therapy. Through the Hampton University Speech- Language and Hearing clinic, students are given the opportunity to serve children and adults with diverse communication disorders, such as articulation and phonological disorders, fluency disorders, language delays, language disorders associated with cognitive impairments, and speech and language disorders associated with hearing impairments. Students may also gain experience with providing dialect and accent reduction services.

Admission Procedures
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Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Freshman Year1st Semester2nd Semester
English 101-10233
Mathematics 1103 
Freshman Orientation1 
History 1063 
P.E. Activity11
Biology 1034 
Oral Comm. 103 3
Humanities 201 3
Psychology 203 3
CDS 201 Introduction to Communicative Sciences and Disorders 3
Total Credits1516
Sophomore Year 1st Semester2nd Semester
Foreign Language33
SOC 2053 
Psychology 311 3
Physical Science Elective 3
CDS 224 Phonetics3 
CDS 227 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech Mechanism3 
CDS 228 Articulation Development and Disorders 3
CDS 300 Language Development 3
Total Credits1515
Junior Year1st Semester2nd Semester
CDS 301 Language Disorders in Children and Adolescents3 
CDS 310 Clinical Observation1 
CDS 311 Clinical Apprenticeship 1
CDS 315 Diagnostic Methods in Speech Language Pathology3 
CDS 316 Treatment Methods in Communication Disorders 3
Psychology 346 3
Free Elective3 
Social Science Elective3 
Special Education 307 3
CDS 331 Introduction to Audiology3 
CDS 332 Audiologic Assessment and Management 3
CDS 305 or CDS 499 3
Total Credits1616
Senior Year1st Semester2nd Semester
CDS 438 Introduction to Speech Science 3
CDS 425 Supervised Experience in Speech Pathology and Audiology I4 
CDS 429 Aural Rehabilitation 3
CDS 426* Supervised Experience in Speech Pathology and Audiology II 4
CDS 432 Speech and Hearing Seminar3 
CDS 436 Differential Audiology3 
CDS 431 Neuroscience for Students in Communicative Sciences and Disorders3 
Free Elective3 
Free Elective 3
Total Credits1613
TOTAL HOURS122 Semester Hours

*Successful completion requires 50 clock hours of supervised clinical experience. CDS electives include CDS 305, CDS 431, CDS 438, and CDS 499.

Undergraduate Course Electives

CDS 305 – Language Development II – Spring offering
CDS 431 – Neuroscience for Students in Communicative Sciences and Disorders –Fall offering
CDS 438 – Introduction to Speech Science –Spring offering
CDS 499 – Independent Study – Offered every Fall and Spring semesters