Computer Science - Cyber Security

Cyber Security – Computer Science Track major

The Cyber Security – Computer Science Track major focuses on  providing a broad interdisciplinary information assurance and cyber security education that prepares graduates to successfully defend, protect, design, implement and maintain secure information and information systems. Graduates of the B.S. degree program in Cyber Security – Computer Science track have the requisite expertise to:

(a) Function in the world-at-large as productive and ethical professionals and as responsible citizens. They will have a very good understanding of ethical issues and their applications;
(b) Understand and employ current trends and adapt to advances in the technology of the Information Assurance and Cyber Security profession;
(c) Develop and implement security strategies to improve the security posture of organizations;
(d) Work in teams, to apply theoretical and analytical methods and principles of software development to address security issues in software development;
(e) Apply techniques, methodologies, tools and skills to build high-quality security systems that function effectively and reliably in the emerging information infrastructure; and
(f) Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with other security and computing professionals.