Pre Health Partnerships

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Hampton University / Boston University School of Medicine
Early Medical School Selection Program

The purpose of the Early Medical School Selection Program (EMSSP) is to provide a more gradual transition into the medical school curriculum through provisional acceptance into the Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), at the completion of the sophomore year of undergraduate study. Students accepted into the program will remain at HU until their junior year. They will participate in clinical and academic experiences at Boston University in Boston, Mass. during the summer after the sophomore year and the summer following their junior year, and complete their senior year of undergraduate education at BU. During the summer programs, students will receive instruction in time management, study skills, medical terminology, biochemistry, MCAT preparation and a seminar entitled “Race, Ethnicity and Health.” Each student is assigned to a physician mentor who they shadow during their two, six-week summer sessions in Boston to gain exposure to the practice of medicine, and the life of a physician. Students will participate in individualized programs during their senior year at BU, that will allow them to complete requirements for graduation from HU and complete two medical school courses each semester, while paying the tuition rate they would pay at HU. Upon successful completion of the senior year, the student will return to HU to graduate with their class, and in September will matriculate into BUSM and pursue a decompressed medical school curriculum. The application deadline for the EMSSP program is Jan. 31 of the sophomore year.

Hampton University / Eastern Virginia Medical School Joint BS/MD Program

Hampton University maintains a Joint BS / MD Program with Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) in Norfolk, Va. For this program, HU undergraduates are selected at the end of their sophomore year, based upon scholarly merit and the strength of the extracurricular and leadership activities of the applicant (including, but not limited to, scientific research, health care experiences through local hospitals, physician’s offices, and rescue squads). Students participate in clinical and academic experiences at EVMS .During the summer months preceding their junior and senior years at HU. Upon completion of the summer programs and the maintenance of a solid academic performance at HU, program participants are automatically admitted into the medical program at EVMS. Selected students are not required to take the MCAT for EVMS admission. However, students may wish to apply to other schools of medicine. As such, students must fulfill published Association of American Medical Colleges (AMCAS) requirements upon applying for admission to other medical programs, which usually include a solid performance on the MCAT examination. The guarantee of a position at EVMS is contingent upon fulfillment of the stringent academic eligibility requirements in the Joint BS/MD Program between HU and EVMS.

SUNY Upstate Medical University College of Medicine Upstate Accelerated Scholars

SUNY Upstate Medical University College of Medicine (Upstate) has an agreement with Hampton University (Hampton) that allows admitted Hampton students seeking the Bachelor of Science degree to be guaranteed acceptance into Upstate’s Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program if they satisfy the following eligibility requirements:


  • An excellent high school GPA with a 90% average minimum
  • Have extra-curricular activities that clearly document experience in a healthcare setting and a commitment to service work.
  • SAT test scores of 1200 or better (combined Critical Reading & Math) or ACT test scores of 25 Composite or better.  The score will not be rounded to meet this minimum.

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Marshall University School of Medicine Summer Academy Program

A hands-on residential academy at the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine for undergraduate students who aspire to become physicians and want to prepare for medical school.

Join other undergraduate students for an exciting week. You will learn:

  • Interviewing skills and Study Skills Assessment
  • Tips from experts on the Admissions process

In addition, you will:

  • Participate in hands-on exercises in clinical skills
  • Manage wound care and build splints in a “wilderness” environment
  • Learn surgical suturing techniques


  • Passed a minimum of 30 earned college hours
  • A minimum overall college GPA of at least a 3.00 strongly preferred
  • A minimum composite score of 22 on the ACT or SAT equivalent (Critical Reading and Math) strongly preferred
  • Demonstrated serious interest in a medical career

Women, minorities, and those who are from underrepresented groups in medicine are encouraged to apply.

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Hampton University / Meharry Medical College School of Medicine
Bachelor of Science / Doctor of Medicine Program

Hampton University collaboratively maintains the Bachelor of Science / Doctor of Medicine Program with Meharry Medical College (MMC). This program is designed to recognize strong candidates for medical school as early as possible in the undergraduate tenure of the student. For this program, up to five HU undergraduates may be selected at the end of their freshman year for program participation. Successful applicants demonstrate high academic potential via their GPA and propensity to enroll in challenging classes. Applicants also typically have an interest in current issues in health care and a knowledge regarding the medical profession. During the summer between the freshman and sophomore years, participants attend a thorough six-week summer academic and clinical enrichment session at the campus of Meharry Medical College (MMC) in Nashville, Tenn. Furthermore, upon acceptance into the HU – Meharry Medical College BS / MD Program, students receive conditional acceptance into The School of Medicine at Meharry Medical College (MMC). Acceptance is predicated on maintaining a minimum science GPA, participation in Meharry summer programs, and a competitive cumulative score on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). Applicants must apply early in the fall semester of their freshman year.

Hampton University / University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine BioDental Program

Hampton University (HU) and University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine (UPSDM) work collaboratively to offer conditional early acceptance to qualified students from HU’s Pre-Health Program, in regard to the seven year combined degree BioDental program. Students who are eligible for the program will pursue a curriculum approved by both HU and UPSDM. Upon successful completion of their first year at UPSDM, students will receive the Bachelor of Science degree from HU. To be considered for the program, applicants should have a competitive SAT or ACT score, rank in the top 10 percent of their high school class where rank is calculated, and have a GPA. of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale. Applicants will be instructed to forward the completed UPSDM Supplemental Application prior to Feb. 1st of the application (freshman) year. In order to gain final admission to UPSDM, a student who accepts provisional acceptance must satisfy all of the required conditions within the specified timeframes. To remain eligible for the BioDental program students must maintain a 3.5 overall and science GPA as calculated by the American Dental Education Association’s Application Service (AADSAS) Eligible students must also successfully complete the coursework required by the curriculum approved by both institutions (with a minimum of three years attendance) and must receive at least the minimum Dental Admission Test (DAT) scores indicated in their provisional letter of acceptance. In addition, the students must submit official DAT scores by Sept.1st of the year prior to their expected enrollment at UPSDM, and must submit an official AADSAS application by Sept. 1 of that same year. All students must also attend a mandatory orientation interview prior to Dec. 1 during their third year at HU.

Hampton University / Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry
4 + 4 Doctor of Optometry Program

The Hampton University, Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry, 4+4 Doctor of Optometry Degree Program is offered collaboratively by both institutions. The program identifies juniors in the HU Pre-Health Program who are interested in pursuing careers in Optometry, have earned at least a 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) or above and score a 300+ score on the OAT (Optometry Admissions Test). To be eligible, students must complete the required Pre-Optometry courses highlighted by the Pre-Health Advisor, successfully earn the Bachelor of Science degree from HU, submit an OptomCAS application, shadow an Optometrist for a minimum of 25 hours and participate in the Admissions Interview with Salus University.

Hampton University / Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Guaranteed Admission Preferred Applicant Track

Hampton University and the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Medicine provides the opportunity for early identification of two (2) HU students per year, demonstrating a 3.5 overall GPA and 3.4 science GPA. The initial selection is made by the HU pre-health advisor team. Students will receive a formal offer of admission to the VCU School of Medicine once they have completed the requirements to meet the guarantee. Program guidelines maintain that students selected in the second semester of sophomore year must graduate with University Honors (Honors College); achieve MCAT scores of at least 503; Those chosen for this preferred applicant track must register with AMCAS by May 15th in the year prior to matriculation into medical school; submit AMCAS application by June 15th in the year prior to matriculation into medical school, complete several prerequisite courses selected by HU advisors in consultation with the VCU School of Medicine and submit a supplemental application. Students selected must also maintain good academic standing with Hampton University. Selected Preferred Applicants must meet with VCU School of Medicine Dean of Admissions in the May/June of sophomore for final approval and again junior year to track progress. They must complete a total of one-hundred and eighty (180) hours of medically related experience and 200 hours of non-clinical community service ( negotiable due to covid). HU students are encouraged to participate with VCU Summer Academic and Enrichment Program the summer after Junior year and the Pre-matriculation program in the month of June following your senior year and just prior to your beginning medical school here in late July or early August. Students are to understand that this agreement is with Hampton University and they may not petition VCU School of Medicine in the event they do not adhere to the program requirements.

Hampton University / Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine / Early Identification Program

Hampton University and the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine (VTCSOM) work collaboratively to offer guaranteed admissions to two (2) students per year attending Hampton University (HU). These students will be nominated by HU faculty and selected by the VTCSOM Office of Admissions. Applicants to the HU / VTCSOM Guaranteed Admission Program must be in good academic and professional standing at HU at the end of the sophomore year, demonstrating and maintaining a grade point average of at least a B+. An essay and two recommendations from science and non-science faculty members at Hampton University are also required. Students selected for the guaranteed admission will attend two summer enrichment programs in Blacksburg and Roanoke to enhance their research experience and clinical skills, and also receive personalized MCAT tutoring. The students will receive a formal offer of acceptance to the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine once they have completed the requirements to maintain the guarantee. Program participants are expected to complete their undergraduate studies in four years, two years after admission to the Guaranteed Admissions Program. Although college students occasionally finish their studies in less than four years, the guaranteed slot would not be altered by early graduation. While successful participants are guaranteed admission to VTCSOM, they are under no obligation to attend. Guaranteed Admission Program participants who matriculate to VTCSOM will receive a $20,000 tuition remission scholarship for each of their four years of medical school.

Hampton University / Virginia-Nebraska Alliance

The ultimate goal of the Virginia-Nebraska Alliance is to increase the number of minority health professionals and researchers nationwide, with the hope of promoting better health outcomes for underrepresented minorities. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) in the State of Virginia have joined with predominately white health science education centers in the States of Virginia and Nebraska to systematically address the issues of disparities in health outcomes, and the lack of greater racial diversity within the health professional community. It is envisioned that the integration of human creativity and technological advancements resulting from this collaboration, will stimulate innovative solutions well beyond the capacity of any one institutional member acting alone. The four pillars of the alliance are student Cultivation, faculty enhancement, faculty research collaboration, and institutional collaborations for funding opportunities.