Department of Physical Therapy - FAQs

Where is the department located?
The Physical Therapy department is located in Phenix Hall on the second floor. The physical address is 100 East Queen Street, Phenix Hall Suite 216, Hampton, VA 23666.

What is the history of the program?
The Physical Therapy program was started in 1998 under the direction of Dr. Marilys G. Randolph.

I’m interested in being a physical therapist. How do I apply to the program?
The HU DPT program utilizes the PTCAS system and the application cycle closes annually on January 15th. More information about how to apply and requirements can be found our application page.

Can I apply if I’m still taking prerequisites?
Prerequisite courses in progress must be completed by June 30th. An updated transcript should be sent to PTCAS.

I’ve applied to the program. When will I get a response?
Our application cycle closes on January 15th. Students will receive notification of a complete application packet and that their files are under review in January. Notification of acceptance or denial will be received from February through April. Our class is typically filled by the end of April.

How many students do you accept?
The DPT program accepts 24 students.

I just received my acceptance letter to the HU DPT program. What is next?
Congratulations! Please make sure that you send in the forms requested by the department. Next steps will include applying for financial aid, which may include completing your FAFSA and contacting student loan lenders if needed. You will also need to investigate housing options. In July, you will receive a notice from the department with information about registration, supplies needed for the fall, and the textbook list.  You will be assigned a student mentor from the 2nd year DPT cohort.

What housing options are available?
The University has an apartment complex, the Hampton Harbor Apartments, with two bedrooms and two baths. These apartments are designed for sharing (separate phone lines). Contact the Office of Off-Campus Housing at 757-727-6746 for more information.

I’m interested in your clinical education requirements. When do students start their clinical experiences or rotations?
Students in the HU DPT programs begin clinical education experiences/rotations after successful completion of the first year of curriculum. The program has five clinical education experiences/rotations for a total of 40 weeks of clinical education. Dr. Pamela Tucker serves as our Director of Clinical Education.