Pre-Health Services, Activities, & Requirements

Pre-Health Services

Are you applying to medical/dental school and need a Committee Letter from your Pre-Health Advisor?

Are you in the process of applying to medical school, dental school or an allied-health professions program? If so, please view the PreMedLetters Service information on securing the proper recommendation letter located below.

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Pre-Health (Pre-Medical) Program inductees are granted personal access to professional school administrators such as Deans and Directors of Admissions, who visit our campus throughout the entire academic calendar year.

Members must attend bi-weekly advisor/counselor sessions to discuss progress and career development; visit graduate school information sessions; utilize standardized test preparation materials and sessions; and participate in Academic Drill exercises.

Pre-Health Program members receive consistent advisement throughout the academic year and are placed on a list-serv to be notified about internships, summer programs, enrichment activities, and scholarships.

Members also gain from supplemental instruction activities such as tutor workshops, review exercises and mock interviews and examinations.

Acceptance to health professions school is highly competitive, thus Pre-Health students are prepared to take the appropriate standardized admissions examinations no later than the second semester of their junior year.

*Professional alumni and friends display their dedication and support by serving on the Pre-Health Advisory Committee, providing letters of recommendation, mock interviews, conducting outreach activities, and participating in our e-Mentorship Program.

*Interested Alumni are encouraged to contact the Pre-Health Office located in Turner Hall 110 at 757.727.5795.



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Pre-Health (Pre-Medical) Program Requirements

All undergraduate students enrolled at Hampton University, who wish to pursue a career in the health professions, are eligible for admission into the Pre-Health (Pre-Medical) Program. The admission and interview process starts on February 15th and ends on May 1st of every year. The following are required for admissions:

  1. A minimum GPA of 2.75 or higher, on a 4.0 scale;
  2. Submit an official HU transcript (juniors and sophomores) or
  3. Submit an unofficial transcript and copy of the SAT or ACT scores (2nd semester freshman); and
  4. Submission of a complete application to the Pre-Health Office located in Turner Hall, Room 110