The Dean's Corner

Dr. Isi Ero-Johnson, Dean


On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students in the School of Science, We welcome you to our website. The School of Science is committed to achieving excellence in its educational programs, and our departments and programs provide:

  • Formalized instruction;
  • Hands-on research experiences;
  • Didactic and clinical experiences for professional programs;
  • Technical training for prospective commissioned officers in the United States Navy, Marine Corps or Navy Nurse Corps; and
  • Outreach opportunities.

The School of Science prepares its students for futures in industry and academia. In addition to learning in the classroom, students are encouraged to participate in summer internships or research programs. Students can then present their research at scientific conferences where they can meet and network with scientists and other students in similar disciplines, as well as with recruiters from industry, government, scientific laboratories and graduate schools. The School of Science also provides academic preparation for students contemplating health careers through programs in the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics.

School of Science faculty members and researchers conduct nationally and internationally recognized research in fields such as atmospheric and planetary sciences, medical physics, cancer imaging, and cancer research. The School of Science also excels in nuclear, particle, and optical physics, and is currently exploring the fields of material science, nanotechnology, and alternative fuels and energy. Research has already resulted in tangible applications such as the launch of weather satellites, the development of an imaging device for breast cancer, and numerous patents in the areas of medical instrumentation, optical physics and holographic storage.

Additionally, the School of Science hosts a number of exciting summer programs for middle school, high school, college, and graduate students, as well as middle and high school teachers and college faculty. Each program has a unique aim, but all share the common goal of utilizing the resources of the School of Science and external sources to enrich the educational and research experiences and the academic strengths of their participants.



Hampton University School of Science mission is to provide quality
and rigorous instructional programs, conduct discipline-specific
research, engage in service and demonstrate leadership.

An integral part of our mission is to educate our students based on
our commitment to ethics in education and sustained excellence. With a
collaborative team of interdisciplinary faculty members, we implement
state-of-the-art pedagogy and innovative technologies to promote and
cultivate students with competence, integrity, and compassion. Our
graduates are well-prepared for professional, scientific and academic
careers with applicable skills to compete for direct entry into the
workforce and graduate and professional programs.


The vision of the School of Science is to
be recognized nationally and internationally as a leader for academic
and scientific excellence, creativity, and integrity, while preparing
students to diversify the STEM workforce and contribute globally to