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Dr. Janett Walters-Willliams Dr. Janett Walters-Willliams Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Location: Science and Technology 120
Phone: 7577275855

Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Machine/Deep Learning, Cyber Security- Malware Analysis, Data Science, STEM Education

Curriculum Vitae(PDF File)

Dr. Janett Walters-Williams joined the Department of Computer Science, School of Science, at Hampton University in Fall 2018 as an Assistant Professor. She earned her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia in 2012; MS and BS in Computer Science from the University of the West Indies (Mona) in 2001 and 1994 respectively.

Dr. Walters-Williams has worked as an educator of Computer Science at the university level for over 25 years and have taught programming languages such as C/C++, Java, Prolog, SQL and Assembly Language working in the three most popular operating systems – Microsoft, Unix/Linux, and MacOS. She has also taught Networking CyberSecurity, Web and Mobile Programming.

Her love for Artificial Intelligence and its applications has guided her research interests which lie in Signal Processing, Neural Networks, Machine/Deep Learning and Data Science. She also has interest in Computer Security and Cloud Computing. Dr. Walters-Williams research is guided by the question “How can I use computer science to improve the lives of others?”

Dr. Walters-Williams has a passion for getting under-represented minorities and women involved in STEM especially Computer Science. Her passion also focuses on K-12 students and teacher training for the STEM fields. 


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Selected Publications

  • Thorpe, S., Campbell, A., Williams, J., Burrell K., & Grandison, T. (2013) Towards  a  Forensic-based  Service  Oriented  Architecture  Framework  for  Auditing  of Cloud Logs, IEEE 9th  World Congress on Services. pp 75-83.
  • Walters-Williams, J. (2012). Denoising EEG: Which Class of ICA Algorithms Produce Cleaner Signals? Journal of Bioinformatics and Medical Engineering (BIME),12 (1). 17-27.