Department of Physical Therapy - Alumni

The Physical Therapy department at Hampton University has graduated over 400 physical therapists since the program began in 1989. Our graduates are working all over the nation. We are so proud of their success.

Alumni Spotlight

2006 DPT graduate Luther Gill and his wife.

2006 DPT graduate Luther Gill and his wife.

Luther Gill

Dr. Gill completed his PhD in 2012.

HUDPT: What is your focus in physical therapy? Luther: When I left school I worked primarily in the acute and sub-acute rehab settings treating stroke and spinal cord injury patients. Now I research the mechanisms inhibiting motor recovery after injury.

HUDPT: What are some words of wisdom for current DPT students? Luther: The best advice I have ever received is “Take full ownership of your future and career progression.”

HUDPT: What is your most fond memory at HU? Luther: My personal growth and professional confidence both happened at HU. We all learned together as a class and withstood the rigors of PT school.

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