Research Areas

The department faculty are engaged in broad categories of research. The following table gives the research interest of respective faculty in the department.


FacultyResearch Interest
Dr. Halima Ali
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Divertor Physics
  • Magnetic Fusion, Nonlinear Dynamics and its Application to Nuclear Fusion
Dr. Francis Erebholo
  • Correlated Generalized Linear Models
  • Error Analysis of Certain Numerical integration Schemes for Partial Differential Equations
  • Logistic Regression Modeling
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • Mathematics education
  • Missing Data
  • Numerical analysis
  • Regressive Logistic
  • Regression Modeling
  • Repeated Measures
  • Statistical analysis with missing data using the model of disposition
  • Statistics Education, and the Decline in Mathematics Identity among the African Americans and other Minority Groups
Dr. Dejenie Lakew
  • Clifford analysis
  • Functional analysis
  • ODEs
  • Operator theory
  • PDEs
Dr. Huihui Lin
  • Copula model for discrete longitudinal data
  • Data analytics;
  • Statistical modeling and analysis
Dr. Ridha Moussa
  • Differential Equations
  • Functional Analysis
  • Mathematical Education Remedial/Advanced Student-centered Instruction
  • Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Real and Complex Analysis
  • Special Functions
  • Scientific and Symbolic Computing
  • Technology-based Instruction
Dr. Alkesh Punjabi
  • Controlled thermonuclear fusion
  • Fusion Science and Nonlinear Dynamics
Dr. Nar Rawal
  • Elliptic and Parabolic PDE
  • Evolution Equations with Nonlocal Dispersal
  • Time Periodic Nonlocal Dispersal Operators and Applications
Ms. Gabrielle Smith
  • Between-Host Systems
  • Data Science
  • Ecology
  • Epidemiology
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Computational Biology
  • Data Analytics
  • Interdisciplinary Sciences
  • One Health
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Public Health
  • Wildlife Epidemiology
Dr. James Tipton
  • Complex Analysis
  • Complex Dynamics
  • Functional Analysis
  • Magnetic Reconnection
  • Orthogonal Polynomials
Dr. Arun Verma
  • Controlled thermonuclear fusion
  • Educational technology
  • Numerical modeling and simulation
  • Perturbation techniques used in problems related to fluid dynamics
  • Solid mechanics