Undergraduate Math Program

The Department of Mathematics offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. The major objective of the department is to offer courses and programs which:

  1. Enable students to develop a mastery of reasoning and analytic processes,
  2. Empower students with an appreciation for, understanding of, and skills in the practical applications of mathematics,
  3. Assist students in developing a broad, thorough and comprehensive mathematical base for a career in the mathematical sciences,
  4. Motivate and prepare qualified students to pursue successful graduate study,
  5. Prepare students in the Masters in Teaching in Mathematics sequence to become excellent teachers of mathematics.
  6. The department adheres to the admissions requirements established by the University Admissions Office. Entering freshmen will be given a mathematics placement test. Based upon the test results, the student will be placed into an appropriate course. Students who major in mathematics should plan their schedule in consultation with a faculty advisor.