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Dr. Aswini Pradhan

Position:  Associate Professor, Physics

Educational Background: M.S. Utkal University, India, Ph.D. Indian Institute of Technology, India

Research Interests:  Quantum Materials, Semiconductor, and Superconductor


I have made several very important innovative and original research discoveries in the field for advancing applied physics/materials science in a broad interdisciplinary area, including advanced functional materials, nanomaterials for energy harvesting and biomedical applications exploiting the magnetic and optical quantum phenomena. I have extensive experience in the development and understanding of nanomaterials/nanostructures for multifunctional applications, including quantum science and quantum materials for energy, optical, magnetic, superconductors and biomedical diagnostics. I have experience managing and leading a large group of interdisciplinary graduate, undergraduate students, and other resources. My experience at several Universities and internationally acclaimed organizations, such as, International Center for Superconductivity-Japan, Two World famous Physics Departments at Tokyo University and Clarendon Lab (Oxford University) allowed me to demonstrate strategic, scientific, visionary, and entrepreneurial leadership at university level. I have also worked at University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth and Norfolk State University almost for twenty years promoting research, education, training, and advising cohort of graduate (Ph.D. & MS) students and faculties. I have extensive record of scholarly achievements and publications, including more than 480 papers in reputed international journals, several book chapters and five patents. I have been awarded several grants in excess of 30 million dollars from several funding agencies and several prestigious awards, including State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV) for Outstanding Faculty of Virginia for the commitment to excellence in science, research, and leadership. I am a member of SPIE, MRS, ECS, AVS, APS and OSA.

Selected Publications (

    • Exploring the Magnetoelectric Coupling at the Composite Interfaces of FE/FM/FE Heterostructures, D. Pradhan, S. Kumari, R. Vasudevan, A. K. Pradhan, S. Kalinin, R. Katiyar, Scientific Reports (Nature) 2018, 8:17381 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-35648-1.

    • Visual Detection of Denatured Glutathione Peptides: A Facile Method to Visibly Detect Heat Stressed Biomolecules, Monique J. Farrell, Robert J. Reaume, A. K. Pradhan,Scientific Reports ( Vol. 7, 2604, 2017: | DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-02899-3

    • Multilayered approach for TiO2 hollow-shell protected SnO2 nanorod arrays for superior lithium storage, C. Carvajal, S. Rout, R. Mundle, and A.K. Pradhan, A. K. Pradhan,Langmuir, 2017, 33 (1), 11–18.

    • Novel ZnO:Al contacts to CdZnTe X- and gamma-ray detectors, U. N. Roy, R. M. Mundle, G. S. Camarda, Y. Cui, R. Gul, A. Hossain, G. Yang, A. K. Pradhan, and R. B. James, Scientific Reports (, Vol. 6, 26384 (2016).

    • Electro-thermal control of aluminum-doped zinc oxide / vanadium dioxide multilayered thin films for smart device applications, J. R. Skuza, D. W. Scott, R. M. Mundle, and A. K. Pradhan, Scientific Reports ( Vol. 6, 21040 (2016)

    • Topographically Engineered large scale Nanostructures for plasmonic Bio-Sensing, Bo Xiao, Sangram K. Pradhan, Kevin C. Santiago, Gugu N. Rutherford, Aswini K. Pradhan, Scientific Reports (, Vol. 6, 24385 (2016).

    • Al-doped ZnO contact to CdZnTe for X- and gamma-ray detector applications, U. N. Roy, G. S. Camarda, Y. Cui, R. Gul, A. Hossain, G. Yang, R. M. Mundle, A. K. Pradhan, and R. B. James,Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 242106 (2016).

    • Resistive switching behavior of reduced graphene oxide memory cells for low power nonvolatile device application, Sangram K. Pradhan, Bo Xiao and Aswini K. Pradhan, Scientific Reports (, 6, 26763 (2016).

    • ZnO/Al: ZnO Transparent Resistive Switching Devices Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition for Memristor Applications, R Mundle, C Carvajal, AK Pradhan, Langmuir, 2016, 32, 4983−4995.

    • Enhanced Photo Response in p-Si/MoS2 Heterojunction- based Solar Cells, S. K. Pradhan, Bo Xiao and A. K. Pradhan, Sol. Energy Mat. & Sol cells, 144 (2016) 117-127.

    • Sapphire substrate-induced effects in VO2 thin films grown by oxygen plasma-assisted pulsed laser deposition, J. R. Skuza, D. Scott, and A. K. Pradhan, J. Appl. Phys., 118, 195303 (2015.)

    • Quantum-Dot-Conjugated Graphene Oxide as an Optical Tool for Biosensor, E. Jenrette, S. Pradhan, G. Rutherford, J. Flowers, D. Ha, and A. K. Pradhan, Optics Exp. (2015), 23 (19) 25017.

    • Enhanced optical transmission and Fano resonance through a nanostructured metal thin film, B. Xiao, S. K. Pradhan, K. Santiago, G. Rutherford, A. K. Pradhan, Scientific Reports, 2015/5/18 (

    • Extreme tunability in aluminum doped Zinc Oxide plasmonic materials for near-infrared applications, A.K. Pradhan, R.M. Mundle, K. Santiago, J.R. Skuza, et al., Scientific Reports (, 4, 6415 (2014).


  • High-performance chemical-bath deposited CdS thin-film transistors with ZrO2 gate dielectric, H. Dondapati, D. Ha, E. Jenrette, Bo Xiao and A. K. Pradhan, Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 052105 (2014).