Dr. Jeanette Davis

Assistant Professor, Marine and Environmental Science
Location: 3 Shore Road Hampton, VA. 23668
Expertise: eDNA, bacterial symbiosis, climate justice, bioremediation

Dr. Jeanette Davis, also known as Dr. Ocean, is a marine microbiologist, ocean policy expert and 2X bestselling children’s science book author. Dr. Davis earned her PhD at the University of Maryland, UMCES where her research training focused on assessing bacteria associated with marine sea slugs and their algal diets for medicines. This work ultimately led to the discovery of an marine bacterium that produces an anticancer compound. She served as a NOAA researcher and ocean policy advisor using eDNA tools for fisheries stock assessments and invasive species management. Her current research uses eDNA and bioinformatics to assess bacterial communities associated with marine invertebrates and the local Hampton watershed to uncover potential symbiotic relationships. Dr. Davis is specifically interested in the role of bacteria in the Hampton River to remove pollutants through bioremediation and supporting communities in making informed decisions about their environment through climate justice. At Hampton University (HU), Dr. Davis serves as PI of NSF – Collaborative Research: Building Racial Equity in Marine Science ($3M), co-PI of ED – Establishing an Interdisciplinary Climate Science Degree Program at Hampton University ($5M), and a mentor in the NSF- Association of Limnology and Oceanography Multicultural Program. Dr. Davis is a proud graduate of the Marine and Environmental Science Department at HU and you can find more about her journey and selected publications on her website (www.drjeanettedavis.com).